Have you voted? Two days left to vote in the “Clubhouse Choice Awards”

The Windows Community Clubhouse is a place where some of us Spacers like to write blog entries that tell other Spacers how to do different things using Windows Live Products. Voting is currently going on for the "Clubhouse Choice Awards" competition for the members of the Clubhouse. Voting ends July 31, with winners being announced in early August.
Everybody can vote, even people who are not members of the Clubhouse. There are seven categories with three nominees each. The nominated blog entries are linked with each nominee in each category. Check it out, and vote for your favorites:
If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Clubhouse, go here for more information:

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    Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?

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8 responses to “Have you voted? Two days left to vote in the “Clubhouse Choice Awards”

  1. Jen

    I did this when the alerts started. When\’s the results coming out?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    The Clubhouse space says the winners will be announced in early August. I\’m guessing that means soon after this weekend.X

  3. Jen

    Grrreat! Thanks, X. Cor! We\’re all busy tonight. It\’s lovely, chatting with you again, you know:-)

  4. X-Evolutionist

    It\’s nice chatting with you, too. X

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Voting ends tomorrow! X

  6. Jen

    Mind if I "bump"?

  7. sue

    Dear X, it\’s been awhile! Upon stumbling onto you, two things happened today i\’d like to share with you. Trying to get back into the swing of things on MSN Spaces, I\’d took the liberity of voting on Clubhouse Awards (and I hate voting online) and to my surprise I learned a couple of tehcnical things about Windows Live and some of their products. Second, I came across your post "what is beauty". It\’s not often I get the perfect chance to learn some things about Windows and life in such a short time using the internet. (Trust me, I\’ve gone thru times of finding something over the internet to no avail) So in essence, I\’d like to thank you!…………….back to my busy schedule…..

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Dear Babyblue Sue: I am so pleased that my little piece of the internet was able to be benefical to you in these two ways. You have made my day! X

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