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Follow up to my IE9 rant: It messed up my dashboard! Welcome back IE8!


I “upgraded” to IE9 (Beta) the other day. Here is a link to my rant about how much I liked it:

December 10, 2010: I installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday and I do not like it

Well, it is all gone now!

I found out that it was messing up my dashboard. When I went to check my stats, I had the X axis and the Y axis, but there is a big white space where the graph should be. However, my stats page looked fine with Firefox and Chrome.

So, I made the executive decision to welcome IE8 back into my house. I can see my stats fine now!

Just in case any of you have IE9 and want to go back to IE8, you can’t “uninstall” it the usual way. (guess how I found out….) I had to look up how to do it.

To save you the Goggling, here’s how to remove IE9 (Beta) You have to uninstall an “Update” to Internet Explorer.

It will be a while before I try another Beta. I will try IE9 after it is finished cooking.




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The fall of Windows Live Spaces from the point of view of an expatriate

I joined MSN Spaces, later Windows Live Spaces, in 2005. My Windows Live Space was my little slice of the web. I had it all set up the way I wanted.

For a couple of years it was very nice. I learned a lot about customizing my space and enjoyed helping others do the same. I spent so much time telling others how to do it that eventually I earned the honor of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Then the garbage started showing up. Many Spaces set as mail order stores for Viagra and drugs started showing up everywhere. Then, my beloved Windows Live Spaces was overrun by spam comments. It was an epidemic of garbage in Windows Live Spaces Town

I organized a one-woman crusade called “Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” I reported each user, and kept track of whether their accounts were closed.  It did not take long to realize that spam in our spaces was not a priority with the powers that be.

Eventually, we got the announcement that Spaces was closing and our spaces would be transferred to

I am now happily a resident of a community that keeps the garbage out. When my Space was transferred over to, the automatic spam-catcher called Akismet caught thousands of spam comments.

Keeping Town clean is a priority to the powers that be, while sadly it was not a priority for the powers that be to keep Windows Live Spaces Town Clean.

Bye bye Windows Live Spaces. It was nice while it lasted.

Edited to add: I came across a post from two years ago this month. I was ranting about how the link to Spaces was missing from the new Windows Live menu. Spaces was being treated like “The Professor and Mary Ann” on “Gilligan’s Island”. Check it out: 

 … and the rest, here on Gilligan’s Island.


My new “Windows Live Space“:


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Oh boy, no spam on my new “Windows Live Space”!

Now that my Windows Live Space has been exported over to, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. WordPress is SO much more versatile than Spaces was. Plus, it catches spam.

When my Space was first exported to WordPress, the spam catcher caught over 3000 spam comments and filtered them out of my comments. Wow, that is so great!

I messed with Spaces spam for way too long. I fought long and hard to try to cut down the spam by reporting it faithfully. Now, now I am in a neighborhood that catches the spam for me. Oh man, I love this feature!

Another great thing, I was just able to choose three different categories for this post. Oh man I love it here in!


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Bye bye Windows Live Spaces – It was nice while it lasted.

Over the years since 2006 I have accumulated four Windows Live Accounts. I’m currently in the process of migrating my Spaces’ Blog content here to My main blog is linked to my Windows Live profile:

I’m going to  have a hodgepodge of test posts, and other various various blog entries, from my old Spaces.

I’m also trying to save the content from all my lists on my space. Dang. I wish they could have sent the lists over somehow.

Ironically, there will be a lot of blog entries about how to do things in Windows Live Spaces. I was a frequent contributer to the Windows Live Clubhouse. I loved telling people how to do things in my Windows Live Spaces neighborhood.

The only thing I did in  Windows Live was blog and manage my space. Now that there is no more Windows Live Spaces I have no reason to hang out on Windows Live. It was a nice time since 2006.

Bye bye Windows Live Spaces. I loved you while you lasted



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Just thought I’d pop in to say “Hi”

Hi Everybody:

I just thought I’d pop in while I was online. I’ve been busy with other priorities lately, and have not been here in Live much, lately.

I’ve been working on my website when I am online. (Reasons Why I Believe in God: But, I also have other interests besides the computer: Reading books, crocheting, watching film noir once in a while, etc…

I hope all my friends here are happy and healthy.


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