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Yippy! I have a new “Wheeled Mobility Device”! I am the proud owner of an adult tricycle that gives me independent mobility. Yippy!

(I have revised this post due to new information. I have removed my request for legal help, and added more info at the end)


Hello to my Windows Live friends. Some of you read my last blog about my quest for a contraption that would allow me to move about under my own power.

Due to my physical limitations (caused by lung disease) I can’t stand hardly at all, and can only walk a few steps before needing to sit down. I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor in stores.

My other option (until now) was being pushed around in a wheelchair by my hubby. But, my legs work perfectly fine (for legs over 50 years old, that is). I also can’t use my arms to wheel the chair around because the strain of my arms makes my lungs have to work too hard.

So, I never could go anywhere without my hubby pushing me around. I also don’t drive anymore because I never know when I’m going to feel light headed and dizzy because of lack of air. My body is two out of shape to get the blood and oxygen to any given part of body quickly enough.

During the time my lung disease was at its worse, I sat in my lazy boy chair a lot more than I do now. I can’t stand up without help. I’m really a mess.

My doctor told me last week that I really need to get some exercise. She said exercise would help me to feel better. Exercise? How? So as I said in my last blog entry, it came to me that an adult tricycle would be the perfect “wheelchair” for me.

So, over the weekend, I got a 24” Miami Sun Trike, pictured above. I only is a one-speed, but they are made for the weak and elderly, and the one gear is geared low for easier maneuverability. (I can’t believe I spelled that right on the first try) The store owner told me I wouldn’t need more than that one speed. (I love it when a shop owner would rather tell the truth than make more money!)

The three speeds, what I thought I needed, are only for going up hills, and are a lot more expensive. It was less than $400 including tax and assembly. Not expensive at all for a custom wheelchair! If I had been more patient, I could have ordered a PINK one (I love pink). But, I got one in blue. It’s just as functional, and I got it NOW.

For the last two days, I have been pedaling around my neighborhood for ten minutes at a time a couple of times a day! There is a great big seat, so I am sitting, but I get to move my legs. It’s the idea situation!

I can’t find the words to explain how exhilarating it is to be able to more around UNDER MY OWN POWER!! I have been totally helpless during the day while my hubby is at work for TWO YEARS. Two years of waiting for my husband to come and take me away from these four walls. (I have a nice backyard, but it does not always help the cabin fever).

I talked to my mother last night (in another state), and she was amazed at how happy I sounded. (how unlike me! tee hee).

So, what took me so long to blog about it? In my computer time the last two days, I’ve been trying to research rules and regulations about what a “wheelchair” is. This is my ONLY way of being independently mobile. So, what am I going to tell the security guard at the mall when he tells me bikes aren’t allowed? I want to be prepared with research.

Edited to add: Why didn’t I think of this before? I just called the Security Office of my local mall where I want to take my “wheelchair”. I told him the situation, that I can’t stand or walk easily, but I can sit on a tricycle seat and pedal my way around. He told me that was perfectly fine! He told me if anybody makes a fuss, just tell them I have permission from the mall security office. Now, wasn’t that easy?

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Interesting news story about medical research


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Question for Clubhouse Members about adding a video for a Clubhouse post: Want clarification about the “special” hyperlink.”

In the directions for posting a video in the Clubhouse, we are told to add a "special" hyperlink. I’ve just been adding a hyperlink with Windows Live Writer the normal way, but I just read the directions again:

and they give this code:

<a href="; rel="clubhouse video">My Video</a>

What is the "rel="clubhouse video" code for? Is that necessary? Do I need to go back and change my posts? At first, I was following the special directions, but then I forgot and I’ve been putting in hyperlinks to the videos.

You will save me a lot of time if I don’t have to go revise all of my posts.



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The Sequel to: A review of Windows 7 by a gentleman in Italy

Three days ago, I posted a blog called: A review of Windows 7 by a gentleman in Italy. I posted his video on YouTube video of him talking about Windows 7. I do not speak Italian, but I found it very interesting to hear so many words I did understand. I suppose that with Windows Live and computers, a lot of the terminology is the same.

Yesterday, the gentleman who recorded the video, Fabio Sena, posted on that blog entry! He offered to record the video again in English just for me! This morning, he commented again, and posted a link for the new video.

I just finished watching it. He talks about me in the beginning of the video!

Windows Live is a wonderful community. I now know a gentleman in Italy, who I would never met any other way. Thank you, Windows Live!

Here is the new video that he just recorded:

Netbook for games , Ion and windows 7


Thank you very much, Fabio, for recording this for me!



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I just decided that I want a new toy – A Schwinn Bike – with three wheels.

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel BikeI have a situation. I am on oxygen 24 hours a day. I am recovering from a lung disease caused by mold in my house. (It has since been fixed) I can not walk very far at a time. Around the house, I’m pretty much OK. At home, I have a “concentrator” that gets oxygen out of the air, and I have a 50 foot hose from me it it. I can’t decide if it is my leash, or my umbilical cord. Either way, I have to haul it with me everywhere I go in the house.

But if we go out of the house, I have to pull around an oxygen tank on a cart. (the oxygen tanks are too expensive to use at home) The combined contraption, tank and wheeled cart, is like hauling around a upright vacuum cleaner. Besides, I can’t walk far, so my hubby usually has to push me every place in a wheel chair. Most big stores have “courtesy wheelchairs”, so we don’t have to haul one around with us.

So here’s the deal. I had a brainstorm last night when I was trying to fall asleep (with the oxygen hoses sticking up both nostrils, it’s hard to fall asleep sometimes.

I want an adult tricycle! The one in the picture is a Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike.

When I was a kid, a Schwinn bike was the one thing every kid always wanted for Christmas. I never got one! It’s never too late to fulfill your childhood dreams!

I can walk just fine, so I don’t really NEED a wheelchair. I’d rather have an adult tricycle. That way, I can put my vacuum cleaner in the bike basket, when I get tired, I can just sit, and not worry about keeling over, as with walking.

I just had my birthday, and my hubby got me Candy, my lovebird for my birthday. Maybe he can get me this for an early anniversary present. Please, sweetie?

Now, all I have to do it convince the powers to be to let me and my tricycle into the mall…..

Wish me luck!


Edited to add: Is anybody familiar with Disability law? I am on Social Security Disability. I’m trying to Google the laws to see if an adult tricycle would qualify as a “wheelchair”. There are lots of different looking wheelchairs, this is just a different type, in my humble opinion. I would want to pull a law out of my back pocket to show that my trike was allowed in the mall.




Edited to add:

I just read this review about a trike on Click here for the page.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5

old hoosier gets lucky, 04/28/2009

this tricycle is great. had it assembled at store #2787 in indianapolis. joel put it together. great job joel. i ride the trike around the neighborhood with my little min. aus. shepard in the basket. (ROXIE) get stopped all the time , people love this trike . got two invites for homemade dinner by some good lookin widows. this trike is a chic magnet. or is it the dog or my good lookin mug. what ever it is my joints are limber and my stomach is full. thats not bad for an old fella!

Product Attributes:

5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Meets Expectations:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Edited to add: Well, it’s not going to work. It was nice thinking about, though. My hubby took me to a bicycle shop and I took a trike for a test drive. I got way too wore out in just a minute in the parking lot. To much exertion. It’s the wheelchair or nothing. Bummer.


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