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How to contact the Windows Live Support Team and the Windows Live Product Team and know the difference…

Inside of Windows Live there are two separate groups who handle the users’ concerns with Windows Live:

  • Windows Live Support Team is where we can report current problemswe are having in Windows Live.
  • Windows Live Product Team is where we can suggest new features that, among other things, will prevent the current problems we are having in Windows Live.

Here is a list of some of the ways to contact the Windows Live Support Team and the Windows Live Product Team. I have have quoted some of the descriptive text on the linked pages:

Windows Live Support Team – To report current problems:

Report Abuse:

  • Please help us to maintain a healthy and vibrant community by reporting any illegal or inappropriate behavior. If you believe a Space violates the Code of Conduct  please notify us using this form. While we cannot reply to every report, please be assured that we will quickly take the appropriate action. We report all illegal activity to authorities.

Windows Live™ Solution Center:

  • “A Community for Windows Live™ products and services where you can find Microsoft Certified Solutions, post your own questions in our forums, or help others by providing your answers.”

Help Central:

  • “The list on the left contains the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, click Table of contents to see a complete list of topics. You can also search for answers by using the Search for box.”

Windows Live Product Team – To suggest new features:


  • “We appreciate your feedback and use it to help create better services and products. Unfortunately we cannot provide a personal response to your comments. For assistance with a specific problem you are experiencing with your service or product, refer to Help Central.”

As an example, here is my most recent suggestion for the Product Team:

Dear Windows Live Spaces Product Team,

I have two feature requests to make it easier to manage comment spam:

  • Please add “Batch Delete” to replace the delete link on each individual comment.
  • Please add “Previous Page” links to “Recent Comments” page to enable access to more comments.

Thank you,


I hope this helps you know when to contact the Windows Live Support Team and when to contact the Windows Live Product Team.


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My lifelong quest for a pair of sneakers that is wide enough has come to an end!

I have big feet. I am a lady almost six feet tall, and something that tall needs a big pedestal or it tips over. I also have very wide feet, in addition to big, so wide that no wide shoes are wide enough for me.

For years and years, the only shoe I’ve been able to wear are Birkenstocks (I wear veggie style made with no leather) They are shaped like feet, and are very comfortable.

But, there are just some times I want to wear a pair of sneakers! I surfed and surfed and surfed and finally called a shoe company who actually recommended another shoe company!

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Original Sneakers are my new sneaker of choice and they come in pink for girls!

Pink sneakers for ladies with wide feet

They lace up all the way down to the toe so I can make them loose where my feet are the  widest!


I got new shoes, I got new shoes, I got new shoes!


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Relationship issues in my parakeet cage – A pretty widow wants a recent widower

I blogged recently about my female parakeet Moonpie passing away leaving her male mate Ginger alone. (Goodbye Moonpie. We will miss you very much.)

Ginger on right with his lost love Moonpie. (Moonpie often stood behind Ginger to prop him up since he has crippled legs and can’t stand well.)

I mentioned at the time that Ginger was in a cage with three single female parakeets, and one of them would probably make a move on him soon. I was right. Shelly has made a move on him.

Shelly’s mate Pipsqueak, a lovebird, died last year this month. (Goodbye Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much…) Shelly is on the left below, with her lost love, Pipsqueak:

Shelly, parakeet on left, with her lost love Pipsqueak, lovebird

Shelly is being very sneaky! Shelly has been sitting on the floor in the corner of the cage. She is pretending she is sitting on eggs! She is trying to trick Ginger into coming to her and feed her (mouth to mouth) as male birds do when their mate is busy tending eggs or babies.

Apparently, Ginger is falling for the Shelly’s ploy. I’ve seen Ginger sitting face to face with Shelly on the floor.

This is making the other females in this cage upset, and there has been some loud squabbling …

I previously had to put another couple, Beady and Gumby, in another cage just by themselves. Shelly wanted Beady very badly, and was squabbling with Gumby over him.

You would not think that cute little parakeets could squabble over mates. But, they are hardwired by God to mate for life. When a mate dies, they want to find another mate to fill the void.

Human widows and widowers often marry shortly after a spouse dies, so it is hard to fault a little parakeet to want to find love again, also…


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Spam News: It is official — I am working with Windows Live Support to improve the spam situation

(Edited to add: Report your Windows Live Spaces comment spammer’s profile urls in the comments of this post: “Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” is open for business again! Post spammer profile urls here – Progress report added!)

Attention Windows Live Spaces comment spam victims:

I have been given permission to say publicly that my dream has come true. My passion and drive and effort regarding the spam situation in Windows Live has finally put me in contact with the Windows Live Support team — and they are listening to me…

For about the past week, I have been speaking one on one with emails and phone calls representing all of you on the user side of this awful spam situation.

I have been giving our point of view, our frustration, our suggestions for how things in Windows Live can go back the way it was before spam made it so unbearable.

I cannot give any more details than that. As I was told:

Yes, you can say that you are speaking with support, but can’t offer any timelines on action as yet.

The most you should offer would be your reassurance that you are working with Windows Live Support to improve this situation and not offer anything specific  as to where that will go.

So there you have it. You, my fellow spam victims. Things are going to get better, I just can’t say when or how.

Continue to give me the urls of your spammer’s profiles.

Stay tuned.


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How to start a Windows Live Group

Windows Live Groups is a wonderful part of the Windows Live community. In Windows Live Groups you can have as few or as many members as you wish. You can make a group to talk about your favorite things and find others who have your same interests.

(Please note: This post assumes you already have a Windows Live account)

To start your new Windows Live Group click here and you will see this page:


Click “Create a group” and this screen comes up. Note the numbers in red and follow the instructions below the image:

Create a group

  1. Type in the name you want for your group, such as: Dog Lovers
  2. Type in the address you want for your group. You can not change this, so plan carefully. It is best to have no spaces in the address. Suggestions for the group name above would be dog-lovers, dog_lovers or doglovers.
  3. Do you want anybody to join or do you just want to choose people you want to join.
  4. Chose the design you want for your group’s page.
  5. If you have less than 20 people in your group, you can choose whether to talk to each other using Windows Live Messenger. If you have more than 20, this will no longer be an option.
  6. When you have filled in all the options for your group, click "Create".

You will see this page:

Your group Now you have a new group with yourself as the only member. Click on “Options” to set up your group. You will see this pull-down menu:Group options Select “Group Options” and you will see a page with the same options you saw above, but now there are more options:

More group options Describe your group in the blank provided. By now, you will have gotten an email with instructions for how you can further personalize your group!

Thanks for creating new groupYou can invite people to your new group, you can pick a picture that will serve as your new group’s logo, and then you can start the first discussion in your new group!

Have fun with your new Windows Live Group!


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A hundred and one reasons to become a member of the Windows Live family!

Windows Live is both a community and a suite of software… both free of charge!

In Windows Live, the community, you have have your own piece of the internet to call your own: your Windows Live Space.

Windows Live Spaces is the place you can have a blog, a photo album, lists of your favorite movies and books, a guestbook, among many other features!

Your space can be as serious as you want or as silly as you want. Or, like me, your Windows Live Space can be a combination of both! You can customize your color scheme, add special modules, change your font, and many other things. You can be sure that your Windows Live Space will be unique and look like no other.

Windows Live Groups is another wonderful part of the Windows Live community. In Windows Live Groups you can have as few or as many members as you wish. You can make a group to talk about your favorite things and find others who have your same interests.

Windows Live is also more than a community. It is also a suite of several wonderful software programs called Windows Live Essentials!

Windows Live Messenger enables you to instant message with your friends all over the world!

Windows Live Mail enables you to receive your Windows Live Hotmail plus Gmail, Yahoo, etc, all in one place!

Windows Live Writer enables you to write and publish blogs in Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, etc, with a What You See Is What You Get text editor.

Windows Live Photo Gallery enables you to easily keep track all of your family’s photos, and add tags, edit, publish in blogs, publish in online photo albums.

Windows Live Movie Maker enables you to easily edit your home video and add titles, captions, transitions, sound, and just about anything else to make your videos look professional.

Windows Live Family Safety enables you to keep your children safe on the internet. You have complete control over what your children have access to.

Windows Live Toolbar enables you to have the entire internet at your fingertips! You can customize your toolbar by adding many different buttons to easily access your favorite places on the internet.

With all of the features of the Windows Live community and the Windows Live Essentials suite of software, surely there must be one hundred and one reasons to become a member of the Windows Live family!

If you are not yet a member of the Windows Live family, join today! You might want to start by getting a Windows Live Space.

Have fun!


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With Windows Media Center, my Windows 7 computer is an integral part of my home entertainment!

We have our Windows 7 computer hooked up as part of our entertainment network. This setup has many advantages for us.

ATT00035 The most obvious advantage is that my computer monitor is a 32” big screen TV.  I have a desktop computer, not a laptop.

But, thanks to my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard, my desk chair is my Lazy Boy recliner, my mouse pad is my Lazy Boy chair arm, and my computer desk is my lap, (or sometimes my dog).

At the left is a visual aid of Belty being my computer desk. In addition, you can see the high tech way I remember what I have programmed my functions keys to do. (ball point pen on masking tape does not show up well on a cell phone camera)

This has been a great setup for several reasons. First off, it is more comfortable for me. But, also, it enables my husband and me to both comfortably see the computer screen at the same time.

The best part of my hubby and I both being able to see the computer screen is being able to surf Windows Media Center together. We have had this computer for a couple of months, and we still have not run out of things to watch with Windows Media Center!

We can watch our Netflix movies, watch movie previews, watch TV show clips, and even watch entire TV shows.

I recommend that you make Windows Media Center a part of your home entertainment network!



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