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Pictures of a nice day in my backyard – a nature study

It is icky and rainy today. But, I just download some pictures I took last week….

Here’s to remembering the nice weather of one day last week:

That is my view a lot of the time if it is nice out. It’s also the view out my kitchen window (except for my feet).

My hubby built this goldfish pond for me with his own two hands. I’m a fortunate girl to have a hubby that makes me beautiful things to enjoy:

The goldfish pond in my backyard

An Oklahoman grizzly bear… Just kidding. That’s my dog Belty Boo:

My dog, Belty, looks like an Oklahoman Grizzly Bear

Nicki and Belty on morning patrol, checking to see if there were intruders during the night:

My dogs Nicki and Belty checking the backyard for intruders during the night

Lazy bunnies Cadbury and Miss Hudson:

My lazy bunnies, Cadbury and Miss Hudson, laying in the sun in their ourdoor bunny pen.

  First water lily bud of Spring:

The first water lily bud of spring.

The same flower a few days later, newly blossomed:

A pink water lily blossom

My goldfish were spawning this morning. I can’t get too close or they stop.

This is the best video I can get under the circumstances. Itsy bitsy baby fish coming soon….

The other plants besides the round water lily pads are the parrots feather that the fish lay their eggs in.

Every fall I pull it out because it gets hard and icky in the winter, then in the spring it starts growing back from little bits of roots that are left:

Water lily pads and parrots featther plants in my backyard goldfish pond

Thanks for reading this far down….

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Everybody is invited to a Live Meeting about the Windows Live Community on May 4th, 2010!

There will be a Live Meeting open to the public on May 4th. This is your opportunity to hear about the Windows Live Community including the Windows Live Clubhouse, the Microsoft MVP program, and more!

If you are not yet a member of the Windows Live Clubhouse, you might be interested in joining. If you like to learn new things and tell others what you have learned, the Clubhouse might be the place for you!

I like to write blog posts about Windows Live features and software that I use and like. Because of my involvement with the Clubhouse, and for other reasons, I was awarded the honor of being a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) this past January 1, 2010.

Here are details about meeting:

Microsoft Windows Community – (Public Informational)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 9:00AM – 10:00AM Pacific Time

Join the Event

Join an online live conversation with Microsoft Community Managers Matt Bernardy and Jake Grey on May 4th, 2010 from 9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. PMT. This is your opportunity to learn more about the Clubhouse, Microsoft Answers, the MVP Program, and to ask questions about all the Windows community programs.  To join, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find out what time this Live Meeting is in your country/region.
  2. Download Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007. We recommend you download the program several hours in advance to avoid technical difficulties during the session.
  3. Enter the meeting and fill in your name.

This will be a great opportunity for everybody to hear the information about the Windows Live Community right from the source!

See you there!



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I have the best husband in the world!

My hubby is at the grocery store right now. He is shopping for vegetables. And guess what? He HATES vegetables! He came across a recipe for vegetable soup that he thought that I would like, and ran right off to the store to buy the ingredients!

My hubby is a carnivore — a meat and potatoes man — and I do not eat animals. We are sort of an odd couple in that respect. I love vegetables, and my hubby loves me, so my hubby planted a vegetable garden for me this season and he is going to make me vegetable soup and zucchini pancakes.

“Zucchini pancakes? That sounds gross”. Yep, that’s what my hubby said…. Take an egg and beat it. Shred a zucchini and stir it up with the beaten egg. Put in salt and pepper to taste and drop it in a frying pan about four pancakes per pan-load. Flip them over and eat them up. Mmmmm.

For non-carnivores it makes a yummy side dish. I have not thought of zucchini pancakes for years, but my hubby is buying zucchini for my vegetable soup and there will be enough left over for pancakes. Yummy.

Sweetie, like the title of this post says, I have the best husband in the world!


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The trials and tribulations of a fifty foot long umbilical cord…


I am really angry with my oxygen hose. There, I said it and I’m glad. The frustrating thing is that I need the dang thing attached to me at all times.

At all times includes all night long, too. To get a feel for what a good night sleep is for me, put two pencils up your nose, one in each nostril … I’ll wait. Now, lay on your pillow … I’ll wait again ….

Comfy? Me neither. But, that is how I must (try to) sleep.

Besides the two pencils, OK, they are not really pencils. It is a “Nasal cannula”.

Besides the two pencils, err nasal cannula, I have a fifty foot oxygen hose that hooks to a snoring rhinoceros, err, I mean oxygen concentrator.

Not only do I have to trip over the ding dong hose all day, I have to hear the rhinoceros snore all day (and all night). Some fun.

I wrote recently about a new toy I got, a portable oxygen tank that I could hang on my shoulder:

I have a new toy – Really this is a health update, but I might as well roll with it…

That works pretty well. I just can’t get used to the feeling of having something like a gallon of milk hanging off my spine. Ouch. I only use it when I go out. (Like to the doctor — oh joy).


Ahhh. I feel better now. I just needed a rant.

It’s lunch time. I think I’ll try to maneuver myself (and my hose) into the kitchen and warm up a big mug full of potato corn chowder. Yum. (thank you Sweetie for making me potato corn chowder!)


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How to add my favorite feature, Lists, to your Windows Live Space!

I love my Windows Live Space, but I especially love the List feature! I use the List feature to keep track of many things that I want a permanent record of!

These lists are very handy for me to keep track of my favorite things. Here are some of the ways I use Windows Live Space’s List Feature:

  • A List of Wild birds I have seen in my backyard
  • Things my African Grey Parrot, Rufus, can say
  • My Favorite Books
  • My Favorite Movies
  • My Favorite Websites
  • My Favorite Bible Verses
  • and more!

To add a list to your Windows Live Space, while in the edit mode, click “Customize”:




In the pull down menu click “Add Modules”:

 Add Modules


Scroll down to “Lists” and click “Add” next to the list you want:




Here is a close up of the lists menu showing the types of lists available:


See my Windows Live Spaces lists


After you have added your List, click “Close Tab”:


Close Tab


Your new List module will be added towards the top of your space. It says: “To add this module, click Save”:


Click Save


Scroll up and click “Save”:


Click Save


Click “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules”:


Edit modules 

In the “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules” mode, grab the top of your new List module and slide it where you want it to be on your space. Click “Save” again.




Now, your List will be in your space where you want it to be. Click “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules” again, and you will see the “Edit List” link on your new list:


Edit list


Now that your list is on your space, and where you want it to be, just follow the simple instructions that you see after you click “Edit List”. You will be able to add item after item to your new list!

Have fun!


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