Film fan? is a good place to legally watch movies online for free.

I am a movie fan,  plus, I am very cheap, uh, I mean frugal. Finding a way to legally see movies for free is the best of both worlds.

The Internet Movie Data Base is a great source of movie information that I have visited frequently for around ten or so years. Recently, I noticed that a “Watch it” link started appearing on some of the movies’ pages. Then, I found a list of ALL the available movies (and TV shows) that can be watched on line. They link to various sites online that have movies available. It’s a one-stop shopping of legal places to watch movies for free.

You won’t find blockbusters that are still making money in DVD rentals, but you will probably find something you like on this list: Full-Length Movies

There is more than just movies available:

IMDB’s main video page:

(The IMDB links to movies that are available on Hulu, so I didn’t mention it separately)

Happy watching…


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8 responses to “Film fan? is a good place to legally watch movies online for free.

  1. Jen

    Does it work everywhere, X, or just in USA? You remind me of my husband. Know what his favourite line is? "I can afford anything that\’s free!"

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I haven\’t thought about that. This site lists movies from all over the world, though. You might just give it a try and see. Your hubby and I have a lot in common! I watched a Laurel and Hardy short (Them Thar Hills 1934) this morning. It had this line about renting a travel trailer: "You can get it for next to nothing. If you pay cash, you can get it for less than that."When I was a kid, we still had "Buffalo Nickels", a coin with an American Indian on one side, and an American Bison on the other side. My mother tells me I held a nickle so tight that that "the Indian was riding the buffalo". I was born with the thrifty gene.X

  3. Greg

    I heard a slightly more coarse version of the saying, in which some thrifty person held onto a nickel so tight they could squeeze excrement out of the buffalo.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, Greg, Funny. I\’ve never heard that before, but then I don\’t know anybody who is coarse……. Hey, what\’s with you and poop anyway? Remember this line you posted in my blog on Feb 20? "I can dig into Logan\’s poop up to my elbows while eating a ham sandwich." You really need to go to America\’s Got Talent….X

  5. Jen

    Hahahahhaha – so love that answer, X. Hey, didja catch up on what I left you on ATL?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I just answered you in ATL

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Greg, Good think I looked up when you posted that comment about Logan in my blog. It has a video hosted by Soapbox videos. Grr. Time to edit my post and put in a youtube player. giveth and taketh away…. X

  8. Jen

    Got it, X, and popped one back!

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