Woohoo – I saw another new bird – a brown thrasher – at my backyard goldfish pond

I love to watch the birds that come to my goldfish pond and bathe and get a drink. This is baby bird season, my favorite time of year, and I’m getting a lot of baby birds coming to my pond for their first bath and drink.

My backyard goldfish pond

My backyard goldfish pond

Yesterday I got a new surprise! I get to add a new bird to my backyard bird watching list as well as my Bird Watching Life List.

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher

For the past several weeks, I have seen a flash of a brown bird with a long tail. From what I could tell from my stack of bird watching field guides, it was a brown thrasher, but I could not be sure.

Finally, yesterday, one of them landed at the pond while I was on my bench, and I got a good look at it. Yep, it is a brown thrasher!

I love to get a good look at one of God’s creatures!



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3 responses to “Woohoo – I saw another new bird – a brown thrasher – at my backyard goldfish pond

  1. Kathy

    I saw on a web site that you had crocheted crosses Do you make them or know where i can find them?

  2. Hello X, hows it going over in your little world? Hope your lungs are still ok and you following docs orders 🙂 you know i miss that little group you started many many years ago, the coffee one, we did have a laugh didn’t we. I still got some of the posts from peeps, little momentos you know how it goes, people blog and go, but the memories stay. lo9ving your back garden, looking very nice as it always was. Hows the zoo i mean your pets doing? hope you are all well over the big pond, to all your family have a lovely weekend, am so happy i found you again. Take care

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