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There is a mystery person in my backyard … I found her thanks to “Windows Live Photo Gallery” People Tags…

I was tagging some photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery just now, and I found a mystery person in my backyard…..

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a wonderful program. It is available individually or as part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite of programs.

Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes faces. When you look at a family photo, the faces of your family members will have a square around them and are all ready for you to tag them with their name.

Does it surprise you that Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes faces? Would you like some proof? Below is a picture of my cockatiel, Penny, with my good boy dog, Belty (wearing his neckerchief) off to the side. I was tagging pictures of my pet birds because I’m writing a blog about my parakeets. Once they are tagged, I’ll be able to find them easily.

Here is what Windows Live Photo Gallery looks like:

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Look at the bottom corner, near the end of Penny’s tail. There is a face outlined by Windows Live Photo Gallery! In addition, in the top right corner of the screen, I am invited to “Identify” the person found:


This is an optical illusion that resembles a face well enough that Windows Live Photo Gallery recognized it as a face.

It was caused by pictures of the stones around my goldfish pond and my park bench, and the railing from my patio cover. The end of the handle of my park bench forms the eye, gravel forms the nose, and my garden hose forms the mouth. I think this Mystery Person looks a little like the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty                The real Statue of Liberty

The program recognizes faces in a picture, and puts squares around them so you can identify them with Tags.

Tag someoneLiberty            

When you click on one of the outlined faces, the Tag Someone menu pops up. The Tags you used most recently will be at the top. If it is a new person, start typing the name in the blank. The words “Add New Person” will appear. Click on that to add the new person to your list of tags.

  add new personLiberty

Once the face is tagged, the Tag will fly up when you hover over the face:

Statue of Liberty tag

I most often use photo tags to identify pictures of my many pets. The program does not recognize anything except human faces, but you can still tag them. Click on “Tag Someone” and you can draw a square around their face. The “Tag Someone” box will fly up and you can pick a name on the list or write in a new one as before.

 People tags

The People Tags look the same whether Windows Live Photo Gallery finds the faces or you outline them yourself, as for profile views or for pets.

penny tag

Once everybody in your picture is tagged, the people will be listed in alphabetical order in the top right corner of Photo Gallery:

 tag list

As you hover your curser over the names, the tags will show and the faces will be outlined. This way, it is really easy to see who is in a picture, and where they are!

Belty tag

My good boy Belty does not show up very well in this picture, but I still want to tag all the pictures that he is in.

In addition to “People Tags” there is also “Descriptive Tags” and “Caption”. These work very much the same as the “People Tags”.

Tagging is just one reason why you should give Windows Live Photo Gallery a try! There are many more wonderful features, and it is a very straightforward and simple program to use.


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The benefits of being a social outcast …

I hear a lot about “peer pressure”. That’s when a group of kids supposedly gets each other to do the wrong thing. I am one of the lucky ones. I had no problem with peer pressure …. I was in the marching band with the other dweebs.

The kids I hung around with were the other kids in the marching band. There were a couple of popular kids – our sousaphone player was on the football team, but mostly, we were social outcasts.

I don’t even recall being asked to do things that were not appropriate. At school, I never got into drugs, sex, drinking, skipping school, or any of the myriad things that happen due to “peer pressure”.

During the time I saved by not going to parties and getting in trouble, I did my homework and watched old movies on TV.

So, what did being in the band do for me besides making me a social outcast? It got me a hubby!

As a grownup, I joined the community band. Years later, the man I was to marry walked in. The first time I saw him walk into the band room, my heart skipped a beat. One of those love at first sight things.

He played trumpet, I played clarinet, but somehow the brass kisser and the reed sucker got together.

My anniversary is coming up soon, so I just thought I’d mention how we met for no apparent reason.

If you are reading this sweetie, I love you very much.



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My hubby is busy watching a bunch of grown men run around trying to take a pumpkin from some other grown men.

My hubby is watching the University of Oklahoma play a game of football with the University of Texas. This is the once a year, Red River Rivalry, and it is a very big deal (if you ask my husband)

Ever wonder what a game of football looks like to somebody who has never heard of football?

Here’s Andy Griffith telling his story: “What is was was football:”





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Getting a good deal on a refrigerator – the hard way…

My hubby has wanted a new refrigerator for years. It finally made it to the top of our priority list. So, a few days ago, my hubby went all over town shopping for the best deal, which he found at Best Buy. (I stayed home with my sick self)

I was born with the “Thrifty Gene”. I have always looked for the best bargain. I always find ways to save money. My hubby has been a good student. He went in and asked where the scratch and dents were, telling them that he was in the mood to buy a refrigerator if the price was low enough.

He finally settled on the display model of exactly what he wanted, a side by side. Since it was the display model, they charged him the “out of box” price, giving a dandy discount.

My hubby came home and told me about his conquest with great pride. He has found that saving money is more fun than spending money, and you get more stuff in the long run.

So, anyway, this morning our refrigerator was delivered. My hubby went on the Best Buy site to read more info about it. What in the heck? It is on Sale for less than we paid??

I am still the best one in the house as far as getting the best price (I embarrass my hubby), so I called and waited on hold and finally got the manager. After a while. he finally agreed to match the sale price, plus give the open box price discount on top of the sale price. We thought that was fair. Not too shabby.

But, here’s another funny part. The butter door cover is missing. So, my hubby is going to try to get them to order a new butter door. If they say “No”, then he will tell them to come and get the refrigerator we have  and to bring one with a butter door.

Saving money is fun!


I have to pick a “Category” for this. I choose Hobbies. Tee hee.


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I’m hoping for an invitation to join Google Wave from one of my Windows Live friends…

I applied with Google Wave months ago, when the first information came out about it. I have never heard back from them. The Google Wave page just says;

Your Google Account has not yet been activated for Google Wave.

Here’s what the Google Wave page says:

I have a Google account. Why can’t I sign in to Google Wave?

Even though you have a Gmail or a Google account, you must be invited to Google Wave in order to sign in. If you haven’t been invited by a friend, you won’t be able to use the service at this time.

If you have been invited, but you aren’t able to sign in, make sure you follow the link in the email invitation the first time you want to access the service. You must use your unique URL the first time you sign in to Google Wave.

Google Wave is currently available in a limited preview release. Sign up to receive updates about Google Wave’s availability. If you are a Google Apps administrator and you are interested in using it on your domain, express your interest here.

If any of my Windows Live Network friends has been accepted and wants to give me an invitation, that would be dandy, and much appreciated. I’m excited to take Google Wave on a test drive.

PM me for my Google email address.

Thank you,


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What a creationist believes. Or: “Hey X, don’t you understand science?”

Oh, no, here goes X again, talking crazy about her faith. Oh, well, she’s a nice enough person in spite of this craziness. Oh, heck, what is she ranting about this time:

Most of what people talk about when they mention proof of evolution are minor variations within the species of animals: different sized beaks on finches, different colors of moths, speaking of the examples I was taught in school. But, these minor variations are then used to prove that major changes can and did happen.

It is a proven fact that there can be many variations within a species of animal. These minor changes are made from losing information as I will explain below.

In order for these changes to happen: invertebrates to fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals and birds, information has to be added.

Here is the creationist explanation for the proven minor differences within animals:

God created the basic “generic” types of animals, for instance bear, cat, and dog, with genes for every possible variation. That is because the animals have to survive in all the different places in the world.

As the animals spread out, different groups of animals settled in different climate and geological zones. With all the various genes, some of the animals were going to survive in every condition on earth. The ones best able to survive the conditions are the ones that were able to pass down those genes.

As time goes by, there are isolated gene populations in all the various ecological niches. As the gene pool can only reproduce with others in the same isolated gene  pool, a “family resemblance” starts to appear.

Of the generic God-designed dog type of animal, for instance, the different groups with the family resemblance are given different names: wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, foxes, etc. And, within each of those groups, even smaller groups are named for even smaller differences: Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) and the Red Wolf (Canis rufus), for instance.

As I said, many will call this evolution. But, evolution is said to add information. For a dinosaur to become a bird, it has to add genetic  information to make wings, at the very least.

The domestic dog is just one variation of the generic God-designed dog type of animal. They, too, end up in isolated populations. The AKC, American Kennel Club, for instance, lists hundreds of “breeds” of dogs. These breeds of dogs are in very small isolated groups: They only reproduce with others inside that same gene pool or they will become a mixed breed.

If all the dog breeds were let loose, and allowed to breed with each other, they would start to look like the wild types of dogs: wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, foxes, etc.

So, there are hundreds of different dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. They are all very different from each other. Is that evolution? No. Like I said, “evolution” has to add information. In reality, the small isolated populations of dog breeds have lost information.

Take the West Highland White Terrier, for instance.

Westies have lost the information to be any color except white. In addition, they have lost the information to be any size except small. No new information was added, information was lost.

All of the proven differences within types of animals are evidence of lost information not added information.

These minor variations within types of animals are due to lost information. These minor variations can not be used to prove the major changes from invertebrates to fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals and birds. Those major changes would require that information be added.

I know that most of you do not believe this, and I understand. I respect your right to believe as you wish. I am just telling you what I believe.

(If anybody made it this far down, Click Here.)


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A Celebration of Spam! (courtesy of Monty Python…)


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