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God has an interesting sense of timing….

My doctor said I have to get rid of my birds because of my lung problems. I do NOT want to get rid of my birds — they are members of the family.

Anyway, God has his own solutions to problems, I guess. One of my parakeets died yesterday morning.

This parakeet, Bruiser, was “married” to Shelly. The funny thing was, that Bruiser and Shelly liked to hang out with Pipsqueak, my only lovebird. The three of them would always be all in a row on a short perch in the upper corner of their cage. I will miss seeing the social interaction between these three best friends.

The thing is, Pipsqueak acted fast. Shelly, Bruiser’s widow, has already been doing Pipsqueaks “hair”. (Birds will bend down and let other birds preen their head -the only place they can’t reach on their own.) I’m happy they still have each other, anyway.

Bye bye, Bruiser. I will miss you.


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Health Update

The last time I wrote, I told about my lungs. I feel a lot better since I’ve been on oxygen 24 hours a day, but that is not a permanent solution. Also, I said that my doctors had said I had to give away my birds in order for my lungs to get better. Birds have feather dust, a naturally occurring protection for their feathers. If you know me at all, you know how bad the thought of giving away my birds is to me.

To try to avoid giving away my birds, my hubby and I have since decided to try to cut down the dust with other ways. The big thing we decided was to take out the wall to wall carpets. Carpets are very big dust catchers. In taking out the carpets, we found some mold under the carpet next to the walls adjacent to the bathrooms. The funny thing is, well not so funny really, is that the mold was in the bedroom and my office — the two places where I spend most of my time. (I worked at home for the last seven or so years before I got sick.) The water leaks were fixed some time back, but we were unaware of the mold that the leaks caused.

In addition to the mold, we found that the floors were just really dirty and dusty under the carpets. A lot of little particles of dirt have fallen through the carpet over the years. We’ve lived in this house for 11 years, and who knows how long ago these carpets were installed.

We are hoping that doing away with the carpets and cleaning the floors very well will enable me to keep my birds. Naturally, I am hoping that this makes my lungs get better, too.

My hubby is investigating "floor paint". We have the floors down to the concrete slab now, and after cleaning them very well, my hubby will paint the floors in the rooms different colors. It will be a LOT easier to keep the house clean. The house is getting cleaner every day as my hubby works on different rooms.

I imagine that I will be a lot better, soon. Thank you all for your prayers.


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Please pray for me.

I’ve been feeling really wiped out all the time for the last year. I thought it was just getting "old".  By my family doctor said last week that it’s my health, not just old age.

My family doctor sent me to a pulmonologist and last Thursday was my appointment. The lung doctor says that my lungs are not doing their job.  My lungs are not not getting enough oxygen into my blood, and that’s why I am felling so weak and tired all the time. Also, I had a lung CAT scan and I have a "spot" on my lungs. He prescribed an oxygen tank for me. I’ve been on an oxygen for 24 hours a day since then. I’m having an expensive breathing test next week.  I am having a lung biopsy after that.

And, if that’s not bad enough, the lung doctor says I need to get rid of my birds. (I’m going to have to find a better solution than that, if I can.) All I am able to do all day is sit in my lazy boy chair and be with my pets. If I can’t have my parrot Rufus and cockatiel Penny around me, I think I’ll go insane. (our other African Grey parrot, Peanut Boy, died several months ago.) Penny loves me and sits on my shoulder and Rufus is very entertaining to be around.

I would really appreciate your prayers during this time. I have faith in God, but God has his own plans, and I’m not sure what his plans for me are. I’m a little frightened. Jesus said in Matthew 6:25 "Do not worry".  But, that is a very difficult thing for me right now.

Thank you for your prayers.


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