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Shame on you JCPenneys!! “Only Gold Demands Worship”?

It is Sunday morning and I am very disappointed in JCPenneys. In Parade Magazine there is an ad for gold jewelry and in the top left hand corner it says this:

“Only Gold Demands Worship”

What is really funny, is that they want people to buy gold for CHRISTMAS presents in this ad. Even though Jesus was not born on December 25th, this is the day of the year set aside to commemorate his birth. “Only Gold Demands Worship”? Are they putting gold above Jesus?

For Shame JCPenneys.


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Excavating Bunnies!

My two bunnies have a house up against a wall outside with an enclosed fence around it. They also get full run of the yard sometimes. Anyway, they have been excavating a winter warren underneath their house. It must be getting really deep, because they have been moving a lot of dirt.

This is really fun to watch! They actually push the dirt up out of the hole, and then spread it around with their faces and front feet. They actually have a few graded roads that they have made. I’ll have to take a picture and post it here. You wouldn’t believe it unless you see it. It looks like a planned construction site.



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I hope everybody had a blessed Thanksgiving.

My hubby and I had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us. And, we still have the rest of the weekend to hang out together. There will be a football game, or two that my hubby will watch. But I have a lot of projects going on around the house I can work on. I love to crochet, so I’ll have time to do that. I’ve made a lot of handmade cross bookmarks!

Crocheted Cross Bookmarks

Pretty, huh?

We recently had another anniversary to celebrate. We’ve had easy times and hard times. But, we agreed in the very beginning that we were in this for life, so we work hard to maintain a loving relationship. And, boy is it worth it!  I look forward to just hanging out with my hubby.

I hope you all have some time to relax and regroup.


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Thank you!

I was really, really surprised! Yesterday I got 2000 hits on my Windows Live Space!

If I get any visitors from AlphaInventions from this post, I think I’ll show a few things about my interests and such!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

I am X-Evolutionist in cyberspace, but please call me ”X” for short. I’m a born again Christian married lady.

My blog is laid back, it’s a place to relax. I blog about the things I like, and fun things that happen. Below you will see some of the things I like to talk about: Do we have any of these in common? Let me know!


Rufus the Wonder Bird! - my most outspoken pet I have many pets My hubby built me a backyard fishpond

My Pretty Penny - constant companion I love to crochet! Lots of birds come to my fishpond

I have quite a few pet birds Dogs are one of God's finest creatures Nicki is the pet we've had the longest

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the US it is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day to thank God for the things we have. I am very blessed. I have my loving husband, a warm house, enough food to eat, clothes on my back, a houseful of pets, a car that runs, and I’m relatively healthy.

Some people call it “Turkey Day”. Personally, I don’t eat animals, so I’m going to celebrate “Turkey Day” by showing this picture of a magnificent wild turkey.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Xmagnificent wild turkey

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Dog pile on Mom!


Belty Nicki

My dogs love it when I wake up with a bad sinus headache, like this morning. For some reason, coffee makes these headaches go away. But, I am usually a tea drinker, except on the weekends when my hubby and I both have coffee in the morning.

So, when I have a sinus headache, my sweet hubby brings me coffee and I sit up in bed and drink it until my headache goes away. Then, while my hubby gets ready for work, my dogs make a dog pile on Mom for hugs and snuggles! That’s a very nice way to spend time waiting for a headache to go away!


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Love is in the air – my two widowed parakeets have found each other

My hubby noticed yesterday that two of my widowed parakeets are now in “love”.

Parakeets and other parrot varieties mate for life. My parakeet Beady has had two previous mates die: Miss Piggy only had one leg but her loving mate looked after her and fed her. After Miss Piggy died, he was alone for quite some time. And, then later, he noticed Ziggy, who at that time was my oldest parakeet, yet had never had a mate. He was totally devoted to each of them as long as they lived. He’s been alone since then.

My parakeet Gumby lost her mate, Monty, some time back. She’s been alone, too.

Then, the last few days, I noticed that Gumby had been kicking the food out of the communal food dish in the parakeet cage. Every morning I’d fill it up, and it would be kicked out shortly after. That mystery was solved when my hubby noticed an egg in the food dish. Ah ha!! Substitute nest!

The next day, which was yesterday, he noticed two parakeets mating and hollered out to me. I ran in to see who it was. (only I know all their names – I’m the bird fanatic in the house) Birds do not have “relations” until they’ve made a commitment to stay together and raise the babies together. Some birds, like parrot types and geese, make a commitment for life. So, now I know that Beady and Gumby are officially a couple.

Beady and Gumby are shown below with their first loves. Beady is the blue one in the first picture and Gumby is the green one in the second picture:

Beady (left) with Miss Piggy Gumby (left) with  Monty

What’s that you say? My life sounds boring? Well, it is sort of. I’ve been sick for over a year, and don’t get out much. being cooped up in the house all the time gets old. I spend a lot of time in my Lazy Boy chair. Having all my pets around me is a great comfort, and keeping track of their courtships helps keep life interesting.

Thanks for reading this far down.


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