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There is a rainstorm on top of my backyard goldfish pond right now

There is a rainstorm on top of my house right now. I just took a video through the screen of our screenroom:

You might be able to see that we finally have some lily leaves growing this season, too.


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We are having a “First Day of Spring” snowstorm in Oklahoma City. The high yesterday was 72 degrees!

This morning, I was going to write about all the signs of Spring in my backyard: The goldfish in my pond are active, the grass is starting to grow, and the most fun for me: The first water lily leaf of the season reached the surface of the pond!

I have a picture of the first water lily leaf in my camera right now. It feels kind of silly to post a picture of it during a snow storm.

Yesterday was a beautiful day! There was blue sky and it was nice and warm. The park bench my hubby and I sat on while we fed the goldfish now has three or four inches of snow on it!

As we say here: If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes.

They say we might get as much snow as the Christmas Eve blizzard. Here’s a video I took I took in my backyard on Christmas Eve:


This video was after the blizzard first started. The funny thing is that we already have more snow than is in this video! Of course, it snowed all day Christmas Eve, so we got more than this.


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I saw the first Robin of Spring this morning! My backyard will soon be turning green…

American Robin - I did not take this picture An American Robin came to my backyard this morning to assure me that warm weather is coming soon. This California Girl has had more than enough of the snow this Winter! I am so ready for some warmth…

I am so ready for green things to start growing in my backyard! As I mentioned yesterday, my hubby already started my vegetable garden on the kitchen window sill by planting tomato seeds yesterday. (No tomatoes yet!)

In addition to the vegetable garden my hubby is going to plant me, greenery will soon be showing up in our pond…

Every Spring the parrots feather plants start sprouting again and soon spread over the surface. Every Winter I have to pull out the dying plants, but they come back even more lush the next Spring…

And then there are the water lilies. Every Winter they die, and every Spring little bitty shoots start coming up from the bottom of the pond. Every Spring, we get more and more lily leaves on the surface of the pond….

The parrots feather plants and the lilies come back every Spring. But, we will have to buy two or three water hyacinth to float in the top of the waterfall. They will reproduce and it will be all pretty up there.

Yes, it will soon be Spring, but I am cold right now. The good news is that my hubby has a pot of potato corn chowder bubbling on the stove. I’m eating good tonight! My tummy will be nice and warm. Yummy!


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It is snowing again… One more opportunity to build my first snowman…

I have never built a snowman. Until thirteen years ago, I had never lived in a place that had snow. Now, I live in Oklahoma City, and there is snow every winter.

So, I have another opportunity to build my first snowman. I have had several opportunities so far this winter to build a snowman with fresh fallen snow, but I have not gotten around to it …

The thing is, I’m not so sure that getting cold and wet appeals to me any more. Building a snowman when I was a kid would have been a fun idea, but I’m a middle aged lady now, and I think I have missed my window of opportunity.



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An ice storm is on it’s way to my house…

Here in Oklahoma City we are preparing an ice storm.

My hubby went shopping to stock up on food in case we are stuck at home for a while. It was not an original idea! The store was packed with people preparing for the storm.

Ice storms are not fun. Ice builds up on power lines and weighs the lines down. If this storm is anything like past storms, there will be most likely many people without power for days or a week, or more.

We’ve had a lot of power outages due to ice storms. The last time I was on the couch wrapped in blankets with my three dogs piled on me waiting for the heat to come back on. Since the lights were out, I moved the couch to the glass patio door so I could read while I watched the storm.

The nice part of an ice storm is that it turns my backyard into a winter wonderland. The California Girl part of me never tires of seeing snow.

This post is putting me in the mood for some hot food. I think I’ll have some more potato/corn chowder that my hubby made for me…


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My first white Christmas…

We had a blizzard yesterday in Oklahoma City. This was the view out my back door at sunrise this morning:

Backyard at sunrise, after a blizzard the day before

Over 14 inches of snow fell in one day yesterday, December 24, 2009. This was two and a half inches above the record for the amount of snow in one day. The record was set way back in 1914. (Pesky "Global Warming"!)

I posted a video taken yesterday when the blizzard first started. This video was taken a few hours later, when it was worse:

Oklahoma City Blizzard – Christmas Eve 2009

I was very surprised when I saw the view below: Somehow, the snow not only blew sideways, but also got under my screenroom roof through the screens on the back patio. We built the screenroom last spring. It is outside our siding glass doors to the patio.

In this picture, you can see my futon, covered with snow. In the background, you can see that my pond is frozen solid.

Snow in the screened in patio

Being a long time California Girl until 13 years ago, I am totally oblivious about the topic of “snow”.

Sadly, the snow is making it very difficult for many people who were travelling yesterday. There was a weather advisory for people to stay home and off the roads. The airport and the freeways were closed. People who were travelling were stranded and were staying in shelters last night.

As I said, this is a record snowfall. It is too bad it happened on a day when so many people were travelling.


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The First Signs of Spring!

I saw the first robin of the season this morning! Some birds fly south in the winter and then come back when it is warmer here. Yippy! This robin says that spring will be here soon!

Also, our goldfish in our pond are hungry. That’s a sign of spring, too. All winter long the fish are practically dormant, just floating in place near the bottom of the pond my hubby built for me. Even when the pond is covered with ice, they do fine, as long as there is always a hole in the ice. Since we have a waterfall that is run by a pump, there is always a whole at the bottom of the waterfall.

So, when my hubby and I go outside, the fish are now happy to see us, and are hoping we are bringing food. They let us know when it is time to start feeding them in the spring, and when to stop feeding them in the winter. They go all winter with no food. God designed some amazing abilities in his creatures!

Soon, the fish will be spawning and maybe we will have more babies. There is a natural balance to the pond. Too many fish will not be hatched. Having too many fish in a pond is bad for the fish. But, there is something magical that God designed that no more than a healthy number of fish will occur naturally in a pond.

Most of our fish have been hatched in our pond, and are children or grandchildren, etc, of our first few fish. It’s always exciting to find a new baby fish. My hubby and I both name the fish, but I’m in charge of remembering all the names. It’s not easy! 


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