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I am finally getting around to adding photo albums

I posted this here with Windows Live Writer so I could copy the code to add to my “About Me” page:

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My parrot loves to play Marco Polo with me

My African Grey Parrot, Rufus, likes to play interactive word games — Yes, really! For instance, he likes to play Marco Polo with me when I am in another room.

Rufus our African Grey Parrot

Rufus our African Grey Parrot

He picked it up all by himself, we did not teach it to him. He is a great observer of things around him, and just pays attention.

It started because my hubby and I don’t like to walk all over the house looking for each other. One of us will say “Marco” and the other will say “Polo” so we know where the other is.

Marco Polo is actually a game that you play while swimming with others in a pool – it is like tag. The person who is “It” tries to find the others with their eyes closed, only going by the sound of the “Polo”s after they say “Marco”. 

Any way, Rufus, the observant parrot, thought this was a  fun game. So, from time to time he will just holler out “Marco” and wait for me to holler “Polo”. This does not work in reverse. If I holler “Marco”, Rufus will just ignore me. Rufus answers to nobody! He is his own man.

Rufus, you silly bird!


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Check out the turtle gadget by aBowman

I have some really cute turtles on my iGoogle page, but they do not work here in WordPress, apparently. If it had worked, there would be three turtles swimming around in this post. But, when I tried in the last post, I had a very nice blank spot in the middle of the post that was supposed to be my turtles.

Since the gadget does not work here. But, here is a screen cap of my turtles just to show how cute they are: Gadget - Turtles Gadget - Turtles

You can feed them and they swim towards the food. The default color is brown, but you can color them how you want.

It’s a fun way to spend 15 minutes if there is nothing else pressing to deal with…

Get yourself some turtles for your iGoogle page here: There are other gadgets here:

The turtles show up in my Blogger page: Pop over and feed them if you want to check them out…


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I am not a nag – I am a motivational speaker

My hubby bought me a very nice anniversary present- a t-shirt that says “I am not a nag, I’m a motivational speaker!”

I am not a nag, I’m a motivational speaker!”

At last my hubby understands why I nag him, I mean gently remind him, to do things around the house. I have finally fooled him, I mean convinced him, that I am only helping him achieve his own personal goals.

Thank you, Sweetie. I love you too!


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Adventures in shopping – the world is addicted to plastic

CashTwo days ago, my hubby and I decided to get new, matching zippered hooded sweatshirts. I lost mine somewhere since last winter, and the zipper on my hubby’s is broken, so we each needed a new one.

We are thrifty, and we like to balance the quality with the price to come to a happy combination. So, we went to a department store called JCPenny. They have their own store brand that I have been very happy with over the years. We found the sweatshirts we wanted and went to pay for them.

They were on sale for half off, plus we had a coupon for ten dollars off any purchase over ten dollars. These two sweatshirts would have been eighty dollars, but the total was only thirty dollars! So, we gave the cashier two twenty dollar bills and waited for our change.

But, the cashier asked us to wait. She had a problem with the cash register and had to call a supervisor to help her her. After several minutes, finally, a supervisor was able to come and finish the transaction…..

So, what was the problem? The cashier did not know how to take cash!



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