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I’ve added a search feature to my space. Beta Tester wanted…

I added a feature to search my space. I could use a Beta Tester to try it out, tee hee. It works for me, but would you please test it while you are here and let me know if it works for you?



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Lost in translation: Haus von Rufus der Wunder-Vogel!

I noticed this morning on my Statistics page that somebody in Germany had translated my space. I got a kick out of seeing my "Welcome" module become this:


Hallo! Mich anrufen „X“.
Für danke
Besuchen meines Raumes!

Haus von Rufus
der Wunder-Vogel!

"Home of Rufus the Wonder Bird" became "Haus von Rufus der Wunder-Vogel!" Just for kicks, I Translated that back into English. It came out to be: "House of Rufus the Miracle Bird!" Tee hee.

This reminds me of something else. There is a fun site called Lost in Translation that will translate text from one language to the next, back into English, then to the next, and so on. It’s like playing the game "Telephone" where you start saying a sentence and whisper it to one person, to the next, etc, and at the end of the circle come out with something entirely different.

For example, I just translated

"Spaces is a fun place to hang out."

on Lost in Translation, and it came back with: "

"The station of the work is a place to the friction of the safeguard."

What in the heck?

Try it, it’s fun!


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Expelled the Movie – No Intelligence Allowed – With Ben Stein



I’ve recently heard of an upcoming documentary, "Expelled the Movie", and I am really looking forward to it. The subtitle of it is "No Intelligence Allowed". Check out the previews on their website, and you’ll see why.

As for me, after believing the teaching on origins I received in school for decades, I finally found out there is no proof to what I was taught, just suppositions and conjecture. (more here)

True science is being suppressed. Anything that does not prove the preconceived "truth" is rejected.

Peer reviewed science journals do not accept anything against evolution. That’s partly what this movie is about. Creationists are "Expelled" from the scientific community for trying to make their research known.

But, creationists have published a lot of things in peer reviewed journals on other topics. Creationists have to write books to publish their research about evolution and creation. I have a lot of these books on my Book List on my blog. It’s these books that convinced me that God exists.

The truth is not decided by majority rule. The truth is decided by examining evidence, and this movie will show that the evidence is being suppressed. That is NOT science – That is indoctrination.

I applaud Ben Stein for putting his career on the line and going against the majority on this topic.


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Is it unscientific to believe in God?

I didn’t believe in God for many years. I believed what I heard: that life began by a process of time and chance and then developed further from there. I have since found out that there is very little justification for that.

I came to believe in God because I read a bunch of books that convinced me that the scientific evidence actually points towards the existence of God. Life is too incredibly complex to be a product of time and chance. I made a website that gives the justifications for my belief, plus a list of books with scientific evidence that God exists.

If you do not believe in God, do yourself a favor and see if you are right. Look and see if there is actual proof for what you have been led to believe about how life began.

I would like to recommend a book.  Each chapter is by a different scientist who gives evidence of things that cannot be explained by purely physical means. You can read it online here:

In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation

Please give me the benefit of the doubt and take a few minutes and check out some of the essays in this book. I honestly believe that there is scientific evidence that God exists.


Reasons Why I believe in God   

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I saw a hawk land by my goldfish pond yesterday!

I was at my kitchen sink yesterday, and out my window I saw a big hawk land right in by backyard, next to the fishpond. I live in a residential neighborhood, miles from where I usually see hawks. I love hawks, but I’d rather see them some place else than in my backyard because of my pet bunnies.

I was a bird watcher long before I ever had my own pet birds, so I had mixed emotions. It was like the time I saw a great egret, who eat fish, land on my roof and look down into my pond smacking his lips. I love big wading birds, but I don’t want one to eat my pet goldfish!

I was startled when I first saw the hawk, but later realized he was probably only at my pond to get a drink. After all, he landed far away from my bunnies’ pen. God gave hawks better eyesight than that!

Anyway, my dogs Nicki and Belty didn’t think a hawk belonged in our backyard, either. They must have smelled him, because they were in the house but ran out the doggie door as soon as I saw it land. The hawk saw them coming and flew away. What a beautiful creature he was! God is a very talented designer!


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