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We haven’t seen our box turtles much, lately.

Free range box turtles

Timmy and Tommy both want the same strawberry

We have two box turtles who roam free in the backyard. They can have all the bugs and greenery that they want, and we supplement their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and canned dog food. They have learned that mom and dad bring out good things to eat, and often when we are outside one or both will run up to see what we brought out for them. Yes, really!

Well, it’s starting to get cool outside, so they are not as active. We only see them about every other day, now. Soon, they will pick a comfy hole and dig in for the winter. (They have dug several hidey holes in the yard) They will be fine as this is how God designed them.

They are used to living outside. We found them last spring in a dangerous situation, crossing the road, and took them home to be safe in our large fenced yard. (It is legal to do that in our state, in case you wonder) So now Timmy, the male, and Tommy the female, are our free range box turtles.


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Timmy the Turtle took a dip in the pond!


So, the other day, we were outside after my hubby came home from work, and Timmy the Turtle decides to take a dip in the pond. Don’t worry, box turtles have built in floatation devices in their shells (God thinks of everything) and they just float and paddle. He and Tommy the Turtle have been swimming before, but this time we had the camera handy. You never know what interesting things animals will do! It’s best to be prepared.


Timmy paddling around between the parrot’s feather plants

(click pictures for bigger image)

Swim time is over!

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Nobody here but us rocks!

Yesterday evening, I went out to give our turtles a snack. Sometimes, they are in a hole resting someplace, and sometimes they will hear me call them and come running. Yes, really! I took a look around the backyard to see if Tommy or Timmy were on the way to see me.

This is what I saw: Tommy the Turtle

Yep, it was Tommy the Turtle being incognito. 

She somehow got herself wedged in between two "other" rocks. I took her to the patio where she enjoyed some juicy tomatoes.

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(click image to find Tommy among the rocks)

Dinner time!




I was so surprised to get this picture. I only took one picture while Tommy was eating and I caught her with her mouth open. Lucky me!


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Turtle Attack!: The sequel….

My hubby and I were outside yesterday evening watching the turtles eat. Then we started talking and quit watching the turtles. Our mistake! Timmy the Turtle came over and chomped on my toe! He had eaten all his strawberries, and that must have been his way of telling me that he was still hungry.

Timmy and Tommy (Click image for larger picture)

Ouch! I love having animals around too much to be mad at him. I’ll just have to find a way to make my toes look less tasty.

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Turtle attack!

We have two box turtles who roam free in our backyard. Since they are "free-range" they can help themselves to all the bugs, worms and plants they can find in our large fenced yard. We also supplement their diet with fresh vegetables and/or dog food about every other day.
They are starting to come to us when we go outside. That’s been really fun, but today I had somewhat of a close call……….
I was sitting outside in the cool of the morning as I knew it wouldn’t stay cool for long. Timmy started coming towards me from elsewhere in the yard once he saw I was there. That was very nice………
But, I guess he figured "There’s Mom, and Mom means food". He stretched out his head and opened his mouth wide and lunged at my toe! I moved my toe in time, but it was a close call. I went in and got him and Tommy some vegies and then my hubby and I had a good laugh about it.

Timmy the Attack Turtle!


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Pictures of our free range turtles

Hi Everybody!

We have two box turtles who have free run of the yard. I love to have critters around me, the more the merrier!

The turtles have very different personalities. Tommy loves to hang out in the shade on the patio where we hang out in the mornings and evenings. She likes to be with us, but she is still a little afraid and closes her hinged shell if we come too close.

Timmy, on the other hand, is fearless.  If he is on the way someplace, and the dogs are in his path, he just barrels on though like a little armored tank. He also loves to bury himself in mulch during the heat of the day, and then go roaming in the afternoon.

They can have all the bugs that they want to catch, but we also supplement their diet with a bit of canned dog food and vegetable scraps. Tommy loves broccoli and strawberries. Timmy is more the carnivore and loves the dog food mostly.


 Tommy Turtle

Timmy Turtle


Tommy likes to hang out in her pagoda on the patio. Don’t tell her it is really a barbecue. She thinks it’s a little house just for her.

Tommy in her pagoda

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Breakfast time for turtles.

Hi everybody,

I was just outside by the pond. I gave my box turtles breakfast. One wasn’t interested in eating, but the other had pieces of broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries. I’ll bet that tastes better than bugs…..

Some times our box turtles take a dip in the pond. I didn’t know land turtles could swim, but they have a great floatation device on their back, apparently, and then they just need to paddle. They are surprisingly agile!


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