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Lots of baby birds are visiting the fishpond this morning.

I was just outside having a cup of tea and admiring God’s creation. It’s a nice, cool morning so I was able to stay out a while and watch the activities at the pond.

There is a family of House Sparrow babies whose Daddy is showing them around. I was very pleased to see the Daddy bird bring his just-out-of-the-nest children to the pond for a drink of water.

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for building me my fishpond!


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Nobody here but us rocks!

Yesterday evening, I went out to give our turtles a snack. Sometimes, they are in a hole resting someplace, and sometimes they will hear me call them and come running. Yes, really! I took a look around the backyard to see if Tommy or Timmy were on the way to see me.

This is what I saw: Tommy the Turtle

Yep, it was Tommy the Turtle being incognito. 

She somehow got herself wedged in between two "other" rocks. I took her to the patio where she enjoyed some juicy tomatoes.

(Fellow Windows Live Writer users: I could not get my margin from the photo to look good here, but it looked good in the writer. Any ideas?)

(click image to find Tommy among the rocks)

Dinner time!




I was so surprised to get this picture. I only took one picture while Tommy was eating and I caught her with her mouth open. Lucky me!


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Ahhhhh! What a relief!

I just checked the ten day weather forecast. It is going to be below 100 degrees (finally) for at least the next ten days! Whew! I am so tired of the heat. I have not been able to go outside very much, and I miss it.

I love to go out to watch the goings on at the fishpond several times a day, and I’ve really missed it. I just can’t take the heat! It looks like Fall might actually come this year, after all!


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Never mind my ranting about the photo feature of Windows Live Writer!

Rufus the Wonder Bird!




Elaine called my attention to the Windows Live Writer’s ability to post a picture from an offsite storage location, such as, which I use. Go to "Insert/Picture from Web…" and add the URL. Apparently, it works great, because there’s my picture! 


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Another picture of Casper the Friendly Fish

I’m still playing with the new Windows Live Writer (see previous blog for info), so I’m going to post yet another blog entry today just for practice, oh, and to show off my cute fish.

I posted earlier about my albino goldfish named Casper.  He’s one of my grown up baby fish. He was hatched here last year. Here’s a better picture of his handsome self:

Casper the Friendly Fish (Click picture for larger image)

I’ve decided not to use the "insert picture" function on Windows Live Writer. I am still using the tool, but I’m switching to html and putting in a link to a picture offsite at my Photobucket account. I found out that blog photos get added to a blog photo album. I just deleted a bunch of pictures from my albums recently because my space was too slow. I do not want to add more pictures at this time.

If anybody else is playing with this, please let me know how it’s working for you.


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Who’s got a silly face!

 It’s time to show off another picture of Rufus the Wonder Bird!

Would you believe it? Rufus (and my other birds) have their own website! (They are very talented!)

X-Evolutionist’s Bird House


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My first blog entry with Windows Live Writer

This is a test!

I just heard about Windows Live Writer in one of the "Space Shuttles" of The Space Craft team blog.

Here is the new blog about it:

According to what I’m reading about it, it’s a WYSIWYG blog composer tool. Your text and pictures can be added and edited in a more user friendly fashion. It’s just a beta for now, but I just downloaded it now.

One thing I like already is that it lets you do right click cut, copy and paste, which you cannot do in a blog entry.

Oh, wow, I just put in a picture at random (some crocheted animals I made) and I didn’t have to use a bunch of html to resize it. I just dragged it. And you can link your picture to something easily, again with no html code.

Hmm. I couldn’t figure out how to define a custom color, and I couldn’t decide which of the standard colors to use. I’ll play again tomorrow.

Oh, wow! It’s got spell check! OK, time to post this now.


(Please leave comments to me in my Guestbook. Thank you!)


Is the picture still there? The blog pictures were added to a new blog album automatically. I removed the album, but I’m not sure it makes the images disappear, too. Just in case, I replaced the picture of Rufus, above, with a picture from Photobucket. I left this one as a test)

Edited to add:

Thank you, Elaine, for telling me this picture was a red "X".

I edited this entry to link to pictures offsite. I talk about why in my blog entry called "Another picture of Casper the Friendly Fish". I’m not very happy with the "insert picture" feature.\


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