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What a beautiful day, today!

I was just out running some errands. I took the dogs out with me. They love outings, even to the bank and post office. It is the principle of the thing.
 It is such a beautiful morning. Oklahoma has the most beautiful blue skies that I have ever seen. I hated having to come back home and go to work. But, work I must!
Everybody have a nice day!

Blue sky
Rufus outside on a beautiful Oklahoma day.


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What type of music do your pets like?

I just found out that Rufus, my Congo African Grey, likes ragtime music. Previously, I knew that he liked oldies rock and roll, but this is new to me. He might not ever have heard ragtime before, but he liked it right away.

He does this sound like he’s snapping his fingers and he moves his "hand" up and down and bobs his head. He only does this with songs he likes.

He can’t quite find the beat to the music, but he is really trying to figure out what a down beat is. I sometimes give him downbeat lessons during some of his other favorite songs like "Tequilla" and Roy Orbison’s "Pretty Woman".

Recently I started listening to It is like a free radio station that plays songs similar to other songs you like. It’s very interesting. I’m finding out a lot of new songs and artists that I like.

Any way, a song called "High Society Rag" by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band came on a few minutes ago and Rufus made his opinion known in the first few minutes. I liked it right off, myself.

Rufus is really a crack up. He is a naughty boy, but he is sure good company.

Do any of you have pets who are music lovers, too?



Rufus the music lover.


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A Tornado Watch was just announced.

I have a weather radio that plays weather alerts as they are announced. They are very handy here in the middle of Tornado Alley. A Tornado Watch essentially means: "watch out, there might be a tornado today".
This California Girl does not like tornadoes! I am used to earthquakes. I lived with earthquakes in Southern California for more than 40 years. They do not scare me.
But, tornadoes scare me. I was within a couple of miles of the big on on May 3, 1999. It left a very long and wide path of destroyed houses and lives.
We have our tornado shelter in the floor of the garage. I’m happy that we built it. It makes me feel a lot better.

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Dog versus squirrel: Who will win?

 Well, at our house, the squirrels win every time. The squirrels sit on top of our fence and shake their fluffy tails and say Neener Neener to my dogs. The squirrels initiate the confrontation. I think they do it on purpose!
I have smallish/mediumish dogs and I have a six foot fence. There is no chance that they would ever catch a squirrel, but they have fun trying.
I was just sitting out by the pond enjoying the cool morning and I was watching the birds, the fish, the doggies, and all of the other things that God created. I could sit out there all day. The squirrels were apparently still asleep, or they would have been teasing the dogs.
But, my job awaits. I’m about to clock in. Have a good day everybody!

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It’s cold and rainy today, again!

Spring is sure slow getting here. Come on spring!

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