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Flash – My lungs are all better and my doctor has officially cleared me to stop being on oxygen 24 hours a day – and I still have my birds!

Woohoo! I am happy! My hubby and I took my oxygen equipment back to the supplier yesterday – and I still have all of my pet birds!

I have been on oxygen 24 hours a day for the last few years. I have never smoked cigarettes, but my lungs got messed up because we had mold in the house. (The mold was mostly in my home office where I spent most of my time working, so my husband was not affected.)

In addition to the mold, my doctor thought that the natural feather dust of my pet parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets was contributing to my lung problems.

My doctor told me that I had to give away all my birds. And, my husband agreed with my doctor and insisted that I give them away. But, giving away my birds was not an option to me!

I love all of my pets and I refused to give away my birds! I finally convinced my hubby to do everything else possible to heal my lungs so hopefully I could keep my birds.

So, after we had contractors take out the mold and repair our walls and ceiling, my hubby took out all the carpeting in our house. He also started replacing the air filters for our heating and cooling system much more often. In addition to that, I started cleaning my bird cages more often.

I hoped and prayed that all of this would be enough to heal my lungs without having to lose my birds that I love so much.

It must have worked because here I am with my lungs all healed and I still have my pet birds!




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