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Build a better humane mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door…

It is very cold this winter, and the neighborhood mice have decided to spend the winter with us. Neither my hubby nor me want to kill the mice, so we went looking for humane mouse traps so we can catch them and let them go elsewhere.

Zowie! The technology in humane mousetraps has improved since the last time I needed to buy some !

The old style was delicate to set up. It worked on balance to keep the lid up. The one we bought last night is so much better!

Victor® Mouse Trap Multiple CatchThe great thing is that it holds up to four mice, as opposed to one mouse that the old style held.

They recommend they put peanut butter in the trap. There is a door that they go in, then, if they try to go out, the “exit ramp” closes the door!

So, does it work?

Yes, it works! My hubby set it up last night and this morning there were three mice in it! There is a nice big field half way between our house and where my hubby works. Field mice belong in a field, so he let them go there.

I’m happy, my hubby is happy and the mice are happy!


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