I installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday and I do not like it


Internet Explorer 9 Beta looks and acts a lot like Google Chrome. The thing is, I liked Internet Explorer 8. If I liked Google Chrome then I would use Google Chrome.

I expected that IE9 Beta would be like IE8, except better. But, as far as I can see so far, it is not better than IE8, in my humble opinion.

I will try IE9 a few more days, but then I am tempted to go back to IE8.




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Please oh please check email on Snopes.com before forwarding them to me

Stop! Do not forward that fascinating email to me before finding out if it is true!

I continually get emails that are hoaxes or just plain not true. Too many people don’t bother to check them out or just don’t care if it is true or not.

It is so easy to check these on out on Snopes.com. Just put a few key words in Google with site:snopes.com and you will probably find out the true story.

For instance, I just received a forwarded email with beautiful photographs purported to be a sunset reflected in a waterfall making it look like cascading fire:

The following pictures were taken of what is known as the “Fire Waterfall” on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park .

I put in these few key words in a Google search:

“Fire Waterfall” “El Capitan” site:snopes.com

The Snopes.com page about these photographs came up immediately:

Fire Waterfall

They are not pictures of a reflected sunset, they are pictures of real fire, burning embers, being pushed over the side of a cliff!

If that story or photograph sounds too good (or too bad) to be true, please check it out on Snopes.com before forwarding it to me!

Thanks bunches!

X: Chairman of the Committee to Keep Junk Email out of my Inbox

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The fall of Windows Live Spaces from the point of view of an expatriate

I joined MSN Spaces, later Windows Live Spaces, in 2005. My Windows Live Space was my little slice of the web. I had it all set up the way I wanted.

For a couple of years it was very nice. I learned a lot about customizing my space and enjoyed helping others do the same. I spent so much time telling others how to do it that eventually I earned the honor of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Then the garbage started showing up. Many Spaces set as mail order stores for Viagra and drugs started showing up everywhere. Then, my beloved Windows Live Spaces was overrun by spam comments. It was an epidemic of garbage in Windows Live Spaces Town

I organized a one-woman crusade called “Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” I reported each user, and kept track of whether their accounts were closed.  It did not take long to realize that spam in our spaces was not a priority with the powers that be.

Eventually, we got the announcement that Spaces was closing and our spaces would be transferred to WordPress.com.

I am now happily a resident of a community that keeps the garbage out. When my Space was transferred over to WordPress.com, the automatic spam-catcher called Akismet caught thousands of spam comments.

Keeping  WordPress.com Town clean is a priority to the powers that be, while sadly it was not a priority for the powers that be to keep Windows Live Spaces Town Clean.

Bye bye Windows Live Spaces. It was nice while it lasted.

Edited to add: I came across a post from two years ago this month. I was ranting about how the link to Spaces was missing from the new Windows Live menu. Spaces was being treated like “The Professor and Mary Ann” on “Gilligan’s Island”. Check it out: 

 … and the rest, here on Gilligan’s Island.


My new “Windows Live Space“:



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Christmas – The time of year when TV ads try to make men feel guilty enough to buy diamonds

Show her you love her with diamondsIn December TV ads for diamond jewelry say variations of the same thing:

Men: Your woman  will only know you love her if you buy her diamonds.

At the same time, they are hoping the women will think:

I will only know my man loves me if he buys me diamonds.

My husband does not need to, or feel the need to, prove he loves me — he shows me in many ways each day. I feel sorry for husbands and wives who think that proof is required.

I love you too, Sweetie!


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We took my boy dog Belty out on an outing today – and it wasn’t the vet!

My good boy dog Belty has not felt good very often lately. He has had two strokes, he has kidney disease and he is 14 years old. Today, he just felt good for a change, so my hubby and I took him on an outing.

Belty Boo spending time with Mom (me)

We went to PetsMart and wandered around. He enjoys seeing other dogs and sniffing around places where they have been. Even when we have to take him to the vet, which is pretty often lately, he enjoys sniffing around.

Belty was having a really good time in the store and he was extra happy. So, next we decided to take him to a little lake. Belty and I walked all around it in the cold wind while my hubby sat in the truck and read…. Belty was having too much fun to care about it being cold.

Belty enjoyed seeing the ducks and geese. And, of course, he enjoyed sniffing all the trees and bushes.

Belty is in his “Lazy Dog” chair (my hubby’s lazy boy chair) and having a well deserved nap.

Good boy Belty!


The posts below show how bad this past year has been for Belty – We are very thankful every day that God has decided to let Belty keep living with us.

October 19, 2010 My good boy dog Belty seems to be recovering from his stroke!

October 17, 2010 My dog Belty had another stroke and I’m afraid we will lose him soon.

October 12, 2009 How do you explain to a good dog why you can’t give him a doggie goodie any more?

November 18, 2009 Good news and bad news about my good boy dog Belty

October 3, 2009 My dog, Belty’s kidneys are shutting down and I am broken hearted

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I bought a book to learn how to style my website and blog with Cascading Style Sheets – CSS

I bought a new toy – a book called CSS: The Missing Manual.

CSS: The Missing ManualI have a website and a personal blog that I have been trying to personalize just the way I want them. I finally decided to learn a new language – Cascading Style Sheets or CSS for short.

With CSS you can entirely change the looks of a website with a few key strokes.

I have learned and used a little bit of CSS since I made my first website about seven years ago.

I have found out that it is really easy to mess up a website a few keystrokes, too. (ask me how I know)

So I thought I had better buy a book. There are many CSS tutorials on the web, including W3Schools.com but I learn best in my lazy boy chair with book and a cup of tea.

I hunted and searched and researched and read reviews until I decided that CSS: The Missing Manual was the book for me.

From what I can tell so far, it is easy enough for a beginner, yet it is complex enough that I’ll be able to use it as a reference for years to come.

Woohoo! Learning new things is fun!


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Let it snow – let it snow – let it snow!

I just found about a new (temporary) feature for WordPress.com blogs. As it says here you do this to make it snow:

To make it snow on your site:

1. Go to your site’s dashboard.

2. Navigate to Appearance -> Extras.

3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”

4. Click the Update Extras button.

Since it is getting so cold here in Oklahoma City, I think this is a fun way to acknowledge it.



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