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Listen to my parrot, Rufus, talking to himself.

Rufus, an African Grey Parrot, talks a lot, but only when he is in a room by himself, for the most part. In order to get this recording, I set up our portable phone to “Intercom” and went into another room. Then, I held up my cell phone to the house phone and set it to record:

My African Grey Parrot, Rufus, talking to himself

Rufus is a character. He’s very good company when I’m the only human in the house all day, which is most of the time. I also have other birds: Cockatiels Penny and Jonah, Lovebird Candy, and Parakeets Beady, Gumby, Shelly, Oscar, Moonpie, Ginger and Freddie. Having a houseful of birds makes it noisy, but I like it. I like hearing God’s creatures.

My parakeet’s especially, make a lot of noise. But, the noisier the get, the happier they sound — The parakeets just sound happy to be alive. They make the most noise at sunrise. The rest of the birds were napping when I got this recording of Rufus. Here is the one and only time I have caught Rufus talking on video once, and only two words at that:

He said “What’s up” right at the beginning. Then, the naughty bird decided to get on the parakeet cage. I know from (many) past experiences that Rufus is going to lift up the wire holding the parakeet’s water bottle. He loves to watch things fall…. He will also pull a parakeet’s tail if one is sticking out of the cage. That’s me scolding him…

At the end, I have to stop the video to put Rufus back on his Boing-Boing and coil it up shorter so he can’t reach next time.

So there you have it – another peak into my boring life… Don’t worry, I like my boring life just the way it is.


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Bird watching at my backyard goldfish pond – Another nature study

This is my goldfish pond. The plants are coming back to life after a long winter’s nap:

My backyard goldfish pond

The birds in my neighborhood come often for a drink or a bath. I sat outside yesterday with our dinky digital camera and tried to get some pictures:

Mourning Dove:

Mourning Dove at my goldfish pond

This is some variety of Ring-Necked Dove. They are not indigenous here. I figure some escaped from an aviary and set up a population:

Ringnecked Dove at my goldfish pond

Male European House Sparrow:

Male House Sparrow

Two male Great Tailed Grackles. One is trying to get the other to play “who is more macho”. Whoever can stretch his neck the highest wins:

Two male Great Tailed Grackles

An American Robin in our waterfall stream:

American Robin

I noticed this grackle going around my pond and pulling out seed pods. These seed pods blow out of trees and travel pretty far like helicopters. She must be using them for nesting material. She came back several times to gather more:

Great Tailed Grackle cleans my goldfish pond

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Pictures of a nice day in my backyard – a nature study

It is icky and rainy today. But, I just download some pictures I took last week….

Here’s to remembering the nice weather of one day last week:

That is my view a lot of the time if it is nice out. It’s also the view out my kitchen window (except for my feet).

My hubby built this goldfish pond for me with his own two hands. I’m a fortunate girl to have a hubby that makes me beautiful things to enjoy:

The goldfish pond in my backyard

An Oklahoman grizzly bear… Just kidding. That’s my dog Belty Boo:

My dog, Belty, looks like an Oklahoman Grizzly Bear

Nicki and Belty on morning patrol, checking to see if there were intruders during the night:

My dogs Nicki and Belty checking the backyard for intruders during the night

Lazy bunnies Cadbury and Miss Hudson:

My lazy bunnies, Cadbury and Miss Hudson, laying in the sun in their ourdoor bunny pen.

  First water lily bud of Spring:

The first water lily bud of spring.

The same flower a few days later, newly blossomed:

A pink water lily blossom

My goldfish were spawning this morning. I can’t get too close or they stop.

This is the best video I can get under the circumstances. Itsy bitsy baby fish coming soon….

The other plants besides the round water lily pads are the parrots feather that the fish lay their eggs in.

Every fall I pull it out because it gets hard and icky in the winter, then in the spring it starts growing back from little bits of roots that are left:

Water lily pads and parrots featther plants in my backyard goldfish pond

Thanks for reading this far down….

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My African Grey Parrot, Rufus, loves American Idol — he dances to the songs.

Last night, Rufus’ favorite singer was Tim Urban. (Personally, I like Crystal Bowersox the best – every week)

Rufus actually has particular songs he likes and does not like. He dances to the ones he likes. Last night, he liked Tim Urban’s song.

I have songs that he likes in his own iTunes list. Among them are his all time favorite: Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”.

So, why aren’t I posting a video of him dancing to Tim Urban’s song? Rufus is a smart bird, and he is camera shy. He can tell I’m trying to record him, and he stops what he is doing.

Here’s the last time I tried to record him. This video is entitled:

“My African grey parrot, Rufus, dancing to rock and roll – until he sees the camera”

(My hubby is Rufus’ dancing fan you can hear in the background.)

Silly Rufus.


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There is a rainstorm on top of my backyard goldfish pond right now

There is a rainstorm on top of my house right now. I just took a video through the screen of our screenroom:

You might be able to see that we finally have some lily leaves growing this season, too.


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It’s official: My parakeet widower and my parakeet widow are now an item.

Parakeets Shelly on the left, female, and Ginger, male(4-3-10 I wrote this and forgot to post it. D’oh!)

I just came home from a ride with my hubby, and I checked on all my pets. I noticed that Shelly was sitting behind Ginger, propping him up. Ginger had his head turned around kissing Shelly. Awwww.

Ginger’s mate, Moonpie, died last week. (Goodbye Moonpie. We will miss you very much.) I was hoping he would not be alone too long.

Shelly, on the other hand, lost her mate, lovebird Pipsqueak, a year ago. She’s been fighting with Gumby, Beady’s mate. Since I only have two males, the females are jealous of who has them.

Ginger and Moonpie were the closest parakeet couple I’ve ever had in the ten years I’ve had parakeets. They totally were dedicated to each other, and totally relied on each other. I was very sad when Moonpie died, leaving Ginger alone.

Shelly has been trying to catch Ginger’s eye shortly after Moonpie died: Relationship issues in my parakeet cage – A pretty widow wants a recent widower

I’m happy that neither Ginger or Shelly are not alone anymore.


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My goldfish, Robin, just got promoted to Batman! We have a new baby goldfish we’ve named Robin!

We found a new baby goldfish in our pond just now. He is itsy bitsy! We love to find new baby fish in the pond.

After they are hatched, they hide between rocks until they are bigger than my biggest fish’s mouth. Once they are bigger than Ilsa’s mouth, they come out of their hiding place.

When our fish are babies, they tend to hang out with each other. We took to calling the youngest baby “Robin” and the next oldest baby “Batman”. Each time we notice a brand new teensy baby fish, the previous youngest baby gets promoted to Batman.

Silly, I know. But, it just makes it fun for my hubby and me to watch our fish. Most of our goldfish turn orange and we can never tell them apart again. When they are babies we get to watch them grow up.

Welcome to the family, Robin!



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