Now playing: An mp3 recording and a video of my African grey parrot, Rufus, talking to himself

Rufus, an African Grey Parrot, talks a lot, but only when he is in a room by himself, for the most part. In order to get this recording, I set up our portable phone to “Intercom” and went into another room. Then, I held up my cell phone to the house phone and set it to record:

My African Grey Parrot, Rufus, talking to himself

Rufus is a character. He’s very good company when I’m the only human in the house all day, which is most of the time. I also have other birds: Cockatiels Penny and Jonah, Lovebird Candy, and Parakeets Beady, Gumby, Shelly, Oscar and Ginger. Having a houseful of birds makes it noisy, but I like it. I like hearing God’s creatures.

My parakeet’s especially, make a lot of noise. But, the noisier the get, the happier they sound — The parakeets just sound happy to be alive. They make the most noise at sunrise. The rest of the birds were napping when I got this recording of Rufus. Here is the one and only time I have caught Rufus talking on video once, and only two words at that:

He said “What’s up” right at the beginning. Then, the naughty bird decided to get on the parakeet cage. I know from (many) past experiences that Rufus is going to lift up the wire holding the parakeet’s water bottle. He loves to watch things fall…. He will also pull a parakeet’s tail if one is sticking out of the cage. That’s me scolding him…

At the end, I have to stop the video to put Rufus back on his Boing-Boing and coil it up shorter so he can’t reach next time.

So there you have it – another peak into my boring life… Don’t worry, I like my boring life just the way it is.



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3 responses to “Now playing: An mp3 recording and a video of my African grey parrot, Rufus, talking to himself

  1. Rufus was just scouting around, and didn’t know you were watching…. lol. This time he got caught! Bad Bird…… lol.

  2. Hi Ed, Yes, Rufus certainly is naughty! He loves to try to get away with things. X

  3. Sue Neal

    Have enjoyed the stories about your birds! LOL!
    I am shopping for a bird. I live in Okla. City – We are babysitting an Amazon. I cannot take him out of his cage. He has issues. But i have learned a lot about parrots because of him! My mother loves sitting in the kitchen and having “conversations” with this smart boy!
    My son tells me to get an African Grey…. What is the difference between Rufus & Peanut Boy? (African Grey vs Timneh?) I like the dark color of peanut boy. Is that a trait of the Timnehs? The darker color?
    Would love some advise / info on where & what to look for when shopping for my new friend.

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