I installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday and I do not like it


Internet Explorer 9 Beta looks and acts a lot like Google Chrome. The thing is, I liked Internet Explorer 8. If I liked Google Chrome then I would use Google Chrome.

I expected that IE9 Beta would be like IE8, except better. But, as far as I can see so far, it is not better than IE8, in my humble opinion.

I will try IE9 a few more days, but then I am tempted to go back to IE8.




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10 responses to “I installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday and I do not like it

  1. Thank you for this info, I’ve heard the same thing from others….

  2. Thanks, Ed. I wish I’d googled some info about it first. X

  3. I liked IE9beta OK until I discovered that it had a flaw that prevented a lot of posts or following links (like “Submit”) in comments etc. It seemed to work, no error messages, but the command did not execute. The folks following my feedback did not come up with a fix, just closed out the report. It also only offered one sign-in name at live.com and did not remember passwords. I have since gone back to IE8 and the sign-in “hiccup” persists.

  4. That’s a drag, Ludwig. I’ve been working on editing my blog today, and I’m having a lot of issues. I wonder if that is IE9, or just a coincidence. X

    • If you are using the online editor, I would not be surprised if your issues are related to IE9. I am very happy with Live Writer for writing and editing blog posts. You an retrieve older posts for editing. T.G. just showed me how a few weeks ago.

  5. I copy the html code from old posts and paste it into Writer, then edit and paste back. I never tried tried Writer to actually download the info. I happened across a two year old post when I was ranting about the link to “Spaces” hidden. I edited in an update to my Windows LIve Expatriate rant. X

    • That is what I used to do – copy html code, paste, edit, copy revised code, paste back to blog. I also made a number of errors in the sequence causing blue language! It is much easier to do the whole thing in Live Writer. Click ‘File’, click ‘Open recent post’, in new dialog click name of blog (this is important, or you will not get all the posts), then in upper center for ‘Show’ select ‘All’ – or a quantity, the options go from 20 to 3000. This will download the post titles, select the one you wish to edit. The post will be downloaded, when you are finished editing, click ‘Publish’ and the updates are sent back to the blog. This is really, really nice!

  6. Ludwig, OK, I get it now. But, that method assumes two things: That you wrote the entry after Windows Live Writer came out, and your computer did not die since then….. For me, the copy the html method will still be necessary sometimes. I appreciate the suggestion, though! X

  7. Of course, we all should use the method most comfortable. I must correct you on the “assumptions”. Live Writer keeps copies of the posts in (default setting) Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts. You can wipe this folder clean, nothing bad will happen. I only deleted some posts there, the one I experimented with was not even there. So I simulated part of a “dead” computer. Each time you select an old post it is downloaded from your blog site. I just did a test on this. Edited an old post online. Then edited it in Live Writer. It downloaded the post and the online edits were there. I then made another change and re-published. It uploaded the post, to the original post date. Using Live Writer also provided the template that LW downloaded so edits are truly WYSIWYG. One other funny happened: I use a tool in Facebook to show posts on my Wall. The update showed up!

  8. Ludwig, Thanks for the info! I’m going to make the assumption that I was wrong….

    I just posted a follow up to this rant. IE9 was messing up my WordPress.com dashboard…


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