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There are two Windows Live Essentials programs that I cannot live without: Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Photo Gallery…

Download Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer is one of the Windows Live Essentials programs. Writer makes writing blog entries so easy! It is a wonderful “What you see is what you get” editing program. I have several blogs, and it is a breeze to post to my various blogs with Windows Live Writer.

As Writer’s download page says, Windows Live Writer can be set up to work with “WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and many more” in addition to the blog in Windows Live Spaces.

Please see a previous post of mine for how to set up Windows Live Writer to work with your blog:

Download Windows Photo Gallery The other Windows Live Essentials program I cannot live without is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Photo gallery makes organizing my photos so easy!

Among other things, Photo Gallery program actually recognizes faces in your photos, and asks you their names! See this post for more information about using People Tags:

All of the Windows Live Essentials programs are very useful, but Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Photo Gallery are the ones that I cannot live without!

Thank you, Windows Live Essentials!



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