Bird watching in my backyard – Rats. I came very close to getting a nice picture of a goldfinch

I went out the other day to take a picture of the water lily pads that have come up so far this season. Right when I was holding the camera, a goldfinch landed on our waterfall, and flew right away again. I did not have time to focus or zoom. Dang. This is what I got:

Goldfinch at the waterfall of my goldfish pond

Here is a close-up. I can’t zoom in closer than that or it gets grainy. As I said before, rats:

Goldfinch at the waterfall of my goldfish pond

Around here, I see a goldfinch once or twice each spring. They just pass though on the way to someplace else. I’m happy I was able to get this picture, even though it is not a close-up.

I have a lot of different species of birds who come to my pond, and I’ve tried to take pictures of them all, but the camera is not always with me at the right time.

Some years back, a great egret, a bird three feet tall, landed on my roof and looked down at my pond, thinking about eating my fish. That is one time I did not have a camera with me.

I did, however, get a couple of pictures of the great blue heron, also three feet tall, who came day after day to eat my goldfish…

The Great Blue Heron who ate a third of my goldfish before I caught him in the act

As I said in this post,

I am having mixed feelings about the magnificent Great Blue Heron that’s been visiting our goldfish pond…

I had mixed feelings as a birdwatcher on one hand and a Pet Mom on the other hand. But, I got some pictures of him that are on that post.

I tried a contraption that did not work. It is called a “Koi Kastle”. Read about it here: The squeaky wheel pays no return shipping charges

Also see this post that has the solution to the problem: That great blue heron is never going to eat my fish again!


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14 responses to “Bird watching in my backyard – Rats. I came very close to getting a nice picture of a goldfinch

  1. Lady

    I can see it though, so it was worth the effort… lol Like you say,X, mixed feelings about the Heron, but what a marvellous bird , and such a good picture on the previous blog too. and if the pond netting worked that time, then your fish must have given a sigh of relief. (can fish sigh?) LadyPx

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady P: Yes fish can give a sigh of relief! I brainstormed and got them a hiding place. As soon as I put it in, they knew what it was for. They sleep in it sometimes! Here is the post I wrote about it, and I just added a link to it on the great blue heron post, too: "That great blue heron is never going to eat my fish again!"!25A0033DD834DD1D!17645.entryX

  3. Lady

    Ah I see!! Such a fantastic way for the fish to hide, ah well, Fish -1 Heron – 0Marvellous.!! Thanks for that X, gave me another looksee at the Goldfinch again xx

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady P: The fish do seem to like it. Before the weather warmed up, they were all in there every morning, I guess so they were prepared for sneak attacks. X

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady P: I added a picture of the great blue heron that I forgot about. He came back after it had snowed. X

  6. Lady

    Now, that\’s marvellous, I don\’t know if you agree, but he looks sooooo bad tempered!!! Could be just the dark above the eyes or the hunched posture !! A bit like me of a morning!! Lol xx


    I remember the Koi Kastle fiasco and the ingenious solution. When we first moved here Frankie kept talking about the "yellow birds" she spotted….always while I was driving. One day we were at Lowe\’s and she found thistle socks in the bird seed display. We put one up in the tree outside the bedroom window and the next afternoon there were 7 goldfinches on or around it! Frankie said "See, those are yellow birds!" That\’s all she ever heard them called growing up. We have 2 thistle socks in that tree now and there are goldfinches out there nearly every day.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady P: Thanks to you, whenever I see a great blue heron from now on, I will think he has an attitude!@Rocket: That\’s great that you and your wife get to see the "yellow birds" so much. They are so strikingly beautiful! X

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