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How to contact the Windows Live Support Team and the Windows Live Product Team and know the difference…

Inside of Windows Live there are two separate groups who handle the users’ concerns with Windows Live:

  • Windows Live Support Team is where we can report current problemswe are having in Windows Live.
  • Windows Live Product Team is where we can suggest new features that, among other things, will prevent the current problems we are having in Windows Live.

Here is a list of some of the ways to contact the Windows Live Support Team and the Windows Live Product Team. I have have quoted some of the descriptive text on the linked pages:

Windows Live Support Team – To report current problems:

Report Abuse:

  • Please help us to maintain a healthy and vibrant community by reporting any illegal or inappropriate behavior. If you believe a Space violates the Code of Conduct  please notify us using this form. While we cannot reply to every report, please be assured that we will quickly take the appropriate action. We report all illegal activity to authorities.

Windows Live™ Solution Center:

  • “A Community for Windows Live™ products and services where you can find Microsoft Certified Solutions, post your own questions in our forums, or help others by providing your answers.”

Help Central:

  • “The list on the left contains the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, click Table of contents to see a complete list of topics. You can also search for answers by using the Search for box.”

Windows Live Product Team – To suggest new features:


  • “We appreciate your feedback and use it to help create better services and products. Unfortunately we cannot provide a personal response to your comments. For assistance with a specific problem you are experiencing with your service or product, refer to Help Central.”

As an example, here is my most recent suggestion for the Product Team:

Dear Windows Live Spaces Product Team,

I have two feature requests to make it easier to manage comment spam:

  • Please add “Batch Delete” to replace the delete link on each individual comment.
  • Please add “Previous Page” links to “Recent Comments” page to enable access to more comments.

Thank you,


I hope this helps you know when to contact the Windows Live Support Team and when to contact the Windows Live Product Team.


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