Spam News: It is official — I am working with Windows Live Support to improve the spam situation

(Edited to add: Report your Windows Live Spaces comment spammer’s profile urls in the comments of this post: “Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” is open for business again! Post spammer profile urls here – Progress report added!)

Attention Windows Live Spaces comment spam victims:

I have been given permission to say publicly that my dream has come true. My passion and drive and effort regarding the spam situation in Windows Live has finally put me in contact with the Windows Live Support team — and they are listening to me…

For about the past week, I have been speaking one on one with emails and phone calls representing all of you on the user side of this awful spam situation.

I have been giving our point of view, our frustration, our suggestions for how things in Windows Live can go back the way it was before spam made it so unbearable.

I cannot give any more details than that. As I was told:

Yes, you can say that you are speaking with support, but can’t offer any timelines on action as yet.

The most you should offer would be your reassurance that you are working with Windows Live Support to improve this situation and not offer anything specific  as to where that will go.

So there you have it. You, my fellow spam victims. Things are going to get better, I just can’t say when or how.

Continue to give me the urls of your spammer’s profiles.

Stay tuned.


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22 responses to “Spam News: It is official — I am working with Windows Live Support to improve the spam situation


    I really hope something good comes of this but, given the past performance of WLS support personnel, I\’ll believe it when I see it. You are aware that the WLS Team shut off notes and comments on their own Space last year after being bombarded with complaints about their inaction on abuse reports.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: They have acknowledged that it is a problem, and are working towards a solution. That\’s a step in the right direction, in my humble opinion. X

  3. Tracey

    Cool, hope something comes of it. l\’d like to open my space again!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Things will get better, I just can\’t say how or when. X

  5. Andrew

    I had a thought; I have multiple Spam visits from the same users, who have actual usernames, and are not posting as "No Name". I have reported them, to no avail, as you well know.What I propose is this: a button in our Spaces that allows us to block comments from a specific user, once that user has Spammed us. This could even be extended to allow us to block all "No Name" posts, if we wished.If you haven\’t already passed along this idea, please do. I got no response when I tried. This would allow us to take some pro-active steps, without involving Microsoft.What do you think?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Andrew: I am working with Windows Live Support Team. Windows Live Product Team handles the the development of new features. Each Windows Live page has a "Feedback" link at the bottom. This is where to submit feature suggestions. It says:"We appreciate your feedback and use it to help create better services and products. Unfortunately we cannot provide a personal response to your comments." I suggest give your ideas as Feedback. While we are on the subject, I submitted Feedback yesteday:Dear Windows Live Spaces Product Team:I have two feature requests to make it easier to manage comment spam:Please add “Batch Delete” to replace the delete link on each individual comment.Please add “Previous Page” links to “Recent Comments” page ( ) to enable access to more comments.Thank you,X

  7. Andrew

    X-EVo-Oh, believe me, I have been submitting it as a request. Also every time I ratted out a Spammer, though that probably did no good, as they\’re likely different departments.I\’ll continue doing so; I just thought it sounded like you had someone\’s ear over there, and could "cut through some red tape", so to speak. ;-)How would the "Batch Delete" feature work? Wouldn\’t you be in danger of deleting legitimate comments, too, unless you had already read through every one and determined they were all Spam?Glad to know things are happening; it\’s been so infuriating having to deal with the Spam and not having decent tools, and feeling like no one at MS was listening.

  8. Andrew

    And just as I posted that, another Spam for you. <sigh>

  9. X-Evolutionist

    @Andrew: Yep, at this time it appears to be a never ending battle — but it will end, or I will die trying… X

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