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How to have Windows Live Writer remember your hyperlinks: Using Auto Linking

First off, if you do not yet use Windows Live Writer to write your blogs in your Windows Live Spaces, or other blog neighborhoods, you may download it by clicking on the hyperlink in this sentence. It is a wonderful blog writing software with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) input.

The hyperlink above is an example of my topic today. Windows Live Writer has a feature called “Auto Linking” that remembers your hyperlinks if you wish. When  I typed “Windows Live Writer” in the paragraph above, the text automatically became hyperlinked because I have previously set it up that way.

To set up your hyperlinks, click on the “Tools” pull-down menu:


Select “Options” on the “Tools” pull-down menu, and click “Auto Linking”. Check the option to only show the hyperlink the first time in each post if desired. Then click “Add”:

Add Auto Linking

The “Add Auto Link” dialog box pops up:

Add Auto Link

Fill in the words that you want to be hyperlinked, and the url address you want the text linked to:

 Add Auto Link, filled in

There is an option whether to open the link in a new window. Personally, I always check that. Also, there is an “Advanced” tab with these options:


Fill in the “Title” if you want the description of your link to fly up when somebody hovers their mouse over the link. I always use this option.

Using the other Advanced option, “Rel”, is outside the scope of post. See the article: HTML <a> rel Attribute on the w3schools.com website for more information.

Another way to add an Auto Link in Windows Live Writer is “on the fly” while you are typing your post. Select the text you want to hyperlink, right click the selection. The same dialog box will pop up:

Automatically link 

Note the additional option “Automatically link to this text”.

(Also see my post: How to set up Windows Live Writer to work with blogs outside of Windows Live and have the blog’s activity shown on your Windows Live Profile)

(I would like to thank Snipping Tool and Paint for making this post possible.)



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