We are having a “First Day of Spring” snowstorm in Oklahoma City. The high yesterday was 72 degrees!

This morning, I was going to write about all the signs of Spring in my backyard: The goldfish in my pond are active, the grass is starting to grow, and the most fun for me: The first water lily leaf of the season reached the surface of the pond!

I have a picture of the first water lily leaf in my camera right now. It feels kind of silly to post a picture of it during a snow storm.

Yesterday was a beautiful day! There was blue sky and it was nice and warm. The park bench my hubby and I sat on while we fed the goldfish now has three or four inches of snow on it!

As we say here: If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes.

They say we might get as much snow as the Christmas Eve blizzard. Here’s a video I took I took in my backyard on Christmas Eve:


This video was after the blizzard first started. The funny thing is that we already have more snow than is in this video! Of course, it snowed all day Christmas Eve, so we got more than this.


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22 responses to “We are having a “First Day of Spring” snowstorm in Oklahoma City. The high yesterday was 72 degrees!

  1. Lebohang

    Geez, that does not look habitable for human beings. This reminds me of the few years I lived in England that happened to include the rare moment when London got snowed like mad and that was around 2002/2003. I am back in Johannesburg South Africa where it snows an average of once every 25 years and where the worst winters are like the best Canadia summers.

  2. Dave

    It\’s kind of embarrassing to realise that we, as a species, have somehow managed to break the weather……………

  3. X-Evolutionist

    It was a very strange day. We got a LOT of snow! The snow went sideways through the screen of my screenroom, just as it did during the Christmas Eve blizzard. What a strange first day of Spring! X

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