Bad news for spammers: The instantly available “No Name” accounts seem to be a thing of the past. And, new users must agree to a no spam clause…

There are still many “No Name” accounts in existence, but it appears that they are no longer available for new accounts. Here’s the background:

At least as recently as a few months ago when I previously had logged out and tested it, a “No Name” account was immediately given when somebody without a Windows Live account attempted to make a comment in a space.

After the “No Name” account was given, the new user was invited to go to their new profile and personalize it with a name and other profile information. Many spammers did not personalize their accounts, hence the proliferation of “No Name” spammer accounts in Windows Live.

There has been a change between then and now. Because of a comment of my thread in the Windows Live Solution Center: Windows Live Spaces comment spam is out of control I logged out of my account last night to see if the system has changed, and apparently it has.

Now, when someone without an account goes to the comment area, they now see this:

Sign up for an account

When they click “Sign up” they see this:Get a Windows Live account

In order to get an account, a user must agree to the Microsoft service agreement as shown at the bottom of the form above. Below is a portion of the agreement:

imageAs you can see, posting spam comments is a violation of the agreement, and Windows Live administrators and help personnel have the authority to close the account on sight…

There is no reason this account, and other spammer accounts, should be allowed to remain open. Now that Windows Live has added this agreement as a requirement to an account, maybe spammers will start getting their account closed.

There will come a time when our Abuse Reports are responded to and the spammer profiles will be glanced at and immediately closed. It can’t stay like this forever.

We are going to get relief from the spam situation eventually. Stay tuned.


I’ve decided to post my MVP Badge here with a link to my MVP profile lest I be thought a crackpot. I love my Windows Live community and I am merely trying to publicize a problem that is hindering the enjoyment of the community for many of my friends here.


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19 responses to “Bad news for spammers: The instantly available “No Name” accounts seem to be a thing of the past. And, new users must agree to a no spam clause…

  1. ©LarryEº

    That\’s great news. It is so aggravating to go anywhere and all you see is garbage instead of good, relevant comments.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Larry: I\’m with you! X

  3. technogran

    Although all of this might slow them down somewhat X, I\’m afraid that all they seem to be doing now in response to the \’no name\’ part is getting some sort of name i.e \’flat batteries\’ (for a name) or Ad Sense etc. I don\’t want to sound like I\’m raining on your parade or anything, but I think that the Live teams are going to have to come up with something a little bit more comprehensive than they have at the moment. It should all help but I still have spam arriving on my comments this morning. You are doing stirling work and I have also reported to my lead and MVP teams that Spam is putting users off using the site. What the answer is I don\’t know but as you have discovered X, other blogging sites employ their own stratergies (such as Akismet on WordPress and Captcha on Blogger) They are a devious bunch and X, its us who post in the Clubhouse and therefore who\’s posts are Googled who get the worst of it. How do I know that? Because my other Space which is not used in the Clubhouse never gets spammed because its not googled.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    TG: You are correct. There are a lot of other ones with names like fast batteries, etc. My complaint with the "No Name" accounts was that they used them once and got another one for the next time. The accounts with names have been around longer, and once Windows Live closes the accounts we will be able to put a dent in the spam. Akismet is a great service. I\’d like Spaces to use it. You are correct, the spam situation is making people move on to other blogging services. A change is going to come. I\’ve been fighting this fight for over a year, and I\’m not giving up. Stay tuned. It was very nice to hear your input on this situation! I\’m happy when other people voice their opinions on spam, otherwise I may sound like a crazy person just ranting… X

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