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That great blue heron is never going to eat my fish again!

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron who ate a third of my fish before I caught him in the act

First nice day of the year, so….Time to clean the goldfish pond!

My hubby just finished cleaning the fishpond for the beginning of the new season. Each winter it gets all yucky. Then the first nice day of spring my hubby takes the filter apart and cleans everything.

All winter, we have had the pond covered with a floating net made for that purpose. It was to keep the heron from eating any more of my fish… ( I am having mixed feelings about the magnificent Great Blue Heron that’s been visiting our goldfish pond… )

Rick the Grandpa Goldfish

This is a Picture of Rick. He is one of the casualties…

The fish who are left are waking up, too. All winter they kind of float on the bottom of the pond in a state of suspended animation. They don’t eat all winter long, either.

Now, though, they are swimming around near the surface. I even say one boy fish chasing after a girl fish….. and that means more babies!

We have lots of room for babies since the Great Blue Heron ate a third of my fish. But, it will be the last time!

 This is our new fish hiding place. I found it in a heating and cooling supply house. It is called a Multifit Wye. It is a fitting for heating and cooling ducts. It is now laying at the bottom of the pond.

I had originally bought a thingy called a Koi Kastle, but it was flimsy plastic, and way too expensive. I returned it. Read about it here: The squeaky wheel pays no return shipping charges

Here is a picture of my new goldfish hiding place from Great Blue Herons. When it warms up, my hubby is going to cover the wye with rocks so it will blend in with the bottom of the pond:

Multifit Wye - The place for my goldfish to hide from the Great Blue Heron

Multifit Wye from General Plastics - The new place for my goldfish to hide from the Great Blue Heron

It is about two and a half feet long with an eight inch opening and two six inch openings. I have been trying to brainstorm up a place where my goldfish can hide so that big bird can’t get to them. Otherwise, they are sitting ducks.

Woohoo. My babies are safe now! I’m happy!



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