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Google celebrates Antonio Vivaldi’s birthday. He composed “The Four Seasons”

I use Google several times a day. I get a special thrill when I see that they have a special logo to celebrate something I enjoy:

Antonio Vivaldi's Birthday

Today, they are celebrating the birthday of Antonio Vivaldi, the composer of one of my favorite pieces of classical music, “The Four Seasons”. The Four Seasons.


You are probably familiar with that music even if you are not a classical music fan. Click to hear snippets of the four movements. Each one is named after a season:

  1. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: La Primavera (Spring) – I. Allegro

  2. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: La Primavera (Spring) – II. Largo

  3. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: La Primavera (Spring) – III. Allegro

  4. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: L’Estate (Summer) – I. Allegro

See? I told you that you have heard it before!


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