Love is: Planting a garden for your wife when you personally hate vegetables….

My hubby is planting me a garden this spring for the second year in a row. He got it started last night and planted tomato seeds. What will soon be my vegetable garden is sitting on the kitchen window sill waiting for the morning sun.

My hubby does not like vegetables, but I love them. I especially love tomatoes, onions and carrots. He grew these and more last year. Yummy. Nothing beats a fresh, ripe, homegrown tomato!

Thank you, Sweetie, I love you, too!


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14 responses to “Love is: Planting a garden for your wife when you personally hate vegetables….

  1. Abdol Rahim

    Love is, to make this garden a heaven for both you and your hubby, children and rest of family…

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Abdol: Thank you! X

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Six days since my hubby planted tomato seeds, and no tomatos yet! What in the heck! X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    My hubby planted my tomato plants on the window sill on February 20, 2010. Today, March 6, the first sprouted seed is showing! Woohoo! My garden is officially growing.. X

  5. Tracey

    Your hubby is an awesome guy! And homegrown tomatoes are pretty special. l especially like the part where l start to make a sandwich and say, \’l want a tomato on this\’. Then l walk out to pick one LOL!!Good luck with your seeds!

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Tracey: I think my hubby is an awesome guy, too! You are right about homegrown tomatoes! I love them. They are so sweet and juicy. We got a late start with last year\’s garden. It was my hubby\’s first try. He has studied up, and he is all ready for this year. I\’m so excited. Yum… X

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