Benefits of marriage number 415: Hubby bringing me a veggie burger for lunch when I’m having a bad day.

I’m having a bummer of a day. I blogged yesterday about getting my fence fixed. Today, I found out that the guy who did the estimate was a crook.

I called the fence company to confirm my construction time for today, and I found out the guy had gotten fired for stealing materials and working under the table.

I should have realized he was a crook when he said we could get a discount for paying cash. Now, I have to go through the hassle of trying to get a fence estimate again.

That’s no a big deal for some people, but I’ve had a very low tolerance for stress since I’ve had my lung disease. My doggies are in a yard with a falling down fence, and as a stressed pet mom that has me on edge ….

That is the preamble to this post — When I am down in the dumps, my hubby comes to my rescue like a Knight in Shining Armor.

I called my hubby an hour ago and told him I was having a bad day and I asked him if he would bring me comfort food for lunch. “What do you want?”, he says, like the wonderful hubby he is.

My hubby works about a half mile away. To get to work, he just goes down our little street to the main drag, goes through an intersection and turns right into the company’s driveway.

Even though he is so close, he does not come home for lunch. He goes in early and takes a short lunch so he can home home to his loving wife early every day. What a lucky (blessed) girl I am!

But, because he is so close to home, he will occasionally do me a favor like this if he has the time. So, he popped in a little while ago, handed me my lunch, gave me a kiss, and went back to work.

I just had a yummy veggie burger! My hubby even had them add extra pickles this time as a surprise for me.

Plus, I am still nursing my chocolate milkshake.

Thank you sweetie for being such a wonderful hubby! (and thank you, God, for giving me my wonderful hubby)


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21 responses to “Benefits of marriage number 415: Hubby bringing me a veggie burger for lunch when I’m having a bad day.

  1. Tracey

    Yum! What a nice treat. And so nice to have someone to treat you. You are lucky X. Some people have no one to take care of them when they\’re sick or stressed – and l\’m not just meaning the single ones. l have a friend who has just recovered from a long illness. Her husband would never bring her a cup of tea never mind go out of his way to do her a favour.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: I know who lucky/blessed I am! I was over 40 when I met my hubby. My hubby and I have worked on being happy. We made up our mind when we got married that it was for life. We\’ve learned the hard way, trial and error. But it\’s paid off and I get to reap the rewards. My hubby loves me through and through. X

  3. Mandy

    When I read your title in my WNF, I thought " X\’s has been married 415 times?" ……. think I should go back to bed!!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Mandy: My lungs hurt when I laugh that hard! I did not realize that it could be read like that. Thanks for the first laugh of the day! X

  5. Mandy

    LOL glad to be of service!

  6. Tracey

    Ha! Yes it can be read that way LOL!!

  7. Diana

    This blog post remind me of a movie I recently saw titled \’How Much Do You Love Me?\’ where one of the character soliloquised that love is not about running along the beach in the rain or about engaging in passionate sex sessions (it\’s a French movie). He tell us of a close woman he knows who went through breast cancer operations. Every night he holds her hand while she sleeps. He mused about how much must you love someone so that you are happy just to hold their hands. So for me, when you love someone that much the only thing left to do is to get married. I\’m not such a cynic after all. :p (The rest of the movie sucked though).

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Diana Le: That is a wonderful example of marriage! For us, the love has gotten stonger and stronger because of shared challenges. If you have a hard time of one sort or another, and get through it together, it builds a bond. People who give up after one year of marriage because it is too hard miss the good stuff. Like you descrbed, love is not all fun and games. X

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