Can I still have a normal life if I do not know what “FarmVille” is? What am I missing?

I see “What’s New” feed in Windows Live aboutFarmVille” a lot. I have no idea what FarmVille is.

Well, that is not quite true.  I gather from the What’s New feed that it is about acquiring things that go on a farm.

I’ve never played computer game. Strike that: I think I played a game of Tetris once when my hubby showed me the game on his computer. But, in general, I have not gotten into playing games on a computer.

Maybe I’m missing something and FarmVille is something that I would really like. But, I wouldn’t know.

I like to play games that require a pencil. You FarmVille folks are welcome to convince me how much fun I’m missing. But, on the other hand, I’m liable to tell you how much fun Sudoku and crossword puzzles are…..


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16 responses to “Can I still have a normal life if I do not know what “FarmVille” is? What am I missing?

  1. Tracey

    Are you a creative person X? The major farming games are largely very creative – you get to design your farm from all the things you\’ve acquired. lf you decide to look into it/them, PLEASE go first to Farm TOWN not FarmVille. Farm Town has far more interactive features that allow you, the player, to be unlimited in how many points and how much money you can make in a day. Faster IS better!But X, are you the least bit an "addictive personality"? Many people before you have gone for a look and ended up hooked LOL!!

  2. Tracey

    l like crossword puzzles when l\’m sitting at a bar with a beer, waiting for some food and there are people around to help with the hard ones!

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Money? Is that play money or real money? Thank you for the explanation! It sounds fun, but I\’m not sure I want to get "addicted" as you say to something new. I do at least one sudoku at night. Before that, I was addicted to Sunday crossword puzzles. Thanks for the warning! X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Re your second comment: That sounds fun, but I\’m not the type of person who can share a crossword puzzle, I guess. For me, it is a competition with myself. X

  5. Tracey

    Play money – coins. They call it coins l think cause the world has different currencies. l think l them as dollars though. l\’m a millionaire at Farm Town!l never did a crossword till l was over 30 years old. So l need the help lol.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Thanks for clarifying the money. I did not want to pass up a money making opportunity…. Have fun with your crossword puzzles. X

  7. Greg

    X, FarmVille is freaking AWESOME. You get to plow fields, plant crops, build barns, milk cows, and trade supplies with other people, and you produce nothing tangible whatsoever. If you don\’t come back every day and check on your farm, your crops wither. You can\’t get the materials you need unless your friends gift them to you (or you pay actual cash money for them). It\’s a total waste of time, but really, what isn\’t? I\’m waiting for them to make FarmVille into a first-person shooter. 🙂

  8. Fernando

    Forget about farmville. Get an xbox and lets play Modern Warfare 2 …

  9. Mandy

    I think Greg that\’s the idea – to waste time! as are all pc/video games, none of us would be doing them if we had something better to do! Tracey\’s right X Farm Town is the better app. Although I\’m bored with it now, and rarely go there!

  10. Fernando

    By the way, I had to block farmville because it was flooding my facebook feed …

  11. Greg

    I actually just stuck my toe in the FarmVille pool recently through MSN Games, but it\’s the same app that everybody plays on Facebook and I found out that you can actually log in either place and play your farm. I\’m a big video game fan and played Sim City a lot back in the day, so I can definitely see the appeal.I\’m reminded of Wired\’s review of Star Wars Galaxies (another favorite of mine) from a few years back. SWG is a MMORPG (look it up) like WoW where you build a character, set about earning XP and money, then gradually evolve into a bounty hunter, smuggler, farmer, soldier, or even a Jedi. The only thing is it\’s a lot of work and time. You spend most of your time making things, tending your fields, hunting wild creatures, and doing little odd jobs. It takes you months to begin to have any real adventures at all. You remember in Star Wars how Luke\’s Uncle Owen wanted him to stay on the farm and not run off to find adventure? Wired called SWG an "Uncle Owen simulator." I loved that line.

  12. Tracey

    Greg if you haven\’t looked at Farm Town, here\’s why l say it\’s better. You can go to the marketplace and get a job working on another farm (a real person playing the game hires you) to make coins and points. lf you\’re willing to sit at the computer playing, and sometimes if you\’re lucky, you can make enough coins to buy your first small house, your first upgrade of land and assorted decorations over just a weekend. As you\’re playing and making purchases and planting and harvesting your own farm, you\’re levelling up. At FT there are NO LIMITS. After playing FT for a while l tried FV and found it very frustrating that l had to wait from one day till the next till l could make more coins. With limited coins, one can only plant so many crops – then waiting. At FT, work to get the coins, plant the whole farm, go out and work again to make money for the house, or whatever the goal is. LOL l find STARTING a farm more exciting than finishing a farm! l love that beginning part!

  13. Mandy

    Me too Trace, I built the farm up to about level 28, but everything you want from then on is so expensive, that you have to do a LOT of work (spend a lot of time) to get the coins, and I can\’t really spend so much time on the PC. You should try it X.Greg I love RPGs but never got into the online ones.

  14. Tracey

    After the river, it\’s all gravy. l know most people are hot for the mansion, well now the manor, but l\’ve seen beautiful farms that didn\’t have the fancy homes. l\’m thinking of deleting/selling some stuff so l can redesign the whole place!

  15. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Thank you all for the information about FarmVille and Farm Town! It sounds fun, but Tracey mentioned the "addiction" aspect of the game. I already have two many addictions. For example, I need time to fit in ample film noir viewings per week. I can\’t risk a new addition creeping into that existing addiction…. (for now) X

  16. Tracey

    lt\’s a nice thing to be occupied by in the winter X. The good part about the compelling nature of it is it takes you away from your troubles – lack of sun, the need to get outside, how boring it is to be cooped up ect. lf you decide to look it up, just let me know and l\’ll send you an invitation at Facebook.

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