KD Lang sings “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Listen here!

On the Olympics Opening Ceremony last night, they were celebrating all things Canada. One of my most favorite songs, “Hallelujah” is by Canadian Leonard Cohen. I was hoping this song would make it into the festivities.

I was not disappointed! Near the end of the ceremony, KD Lang sang “Hallelujah”. Thank you Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and KD Lang!!

KD Lang has recorded “Hallelujah” before, as have many other people. I can’t find her performance last night on video, but here is a video of her singing “Hallelujah” a couple of years ago:

It is a wonderful version of “Hallelujah”, but my favorite version of “Hallelujah” can only be found in a movie called “Saint Ralph”. Here’s a blog I wrote some time back about “Hallelujah”:

The paragraph and video below is from that blog:

MAJOR SPOILER: The movie concerns a boy who wants to run in a race. The video has the outcome. Saint Ralph is a sweet movie. You might want to consider renting it before you find out who wins.

This is the only place you can hear my favorite version of “Hallelujah”:


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