My irresponsible neighbor and her lost little bitty doggie…

I am irked.

Yesterday, my hubby and I saw a little bitty Yorkie with a little bitty white jacket out loose. I squatted down to try to coax the doggie to me, but she turned around and ran all the way down the street lickity split.

My hubby ran to their house to tell them their doggie was out. I headed of down the street on foot (the adrenalin was replacing my need for my oxygen, good thing because I totally forgot my oxygen). When they caught up to me in her car, my neighbor said:

“I think I know where she went. She always goes the same place when she gets out.”


“She always goes the same place when she gets out.”???

I did not say anything to her, but that really bugged me…

I have had a dog get out once in my life, and I have taken the proper steps to make sure that never happened again. My dogs are never outside without a leash and we keep the backyard fence in good repair.

The doggie ran off right before dark last night, and she was not where my neighbor thought she was going to be.

This morning it is sleeting. It’s really cold, and really wet. I just hope the little bitty doggie was able to find her way home during the night.

I get so bugged when people do not take care of their dogs. I just can’t relate to somebody who lets this teensy weensy doggie get out time after time after time.



Edited to add: I just talked to my neighbor. They have not found the dog. It is 11:00AM and it is 34 degrees. That is just above freezing, and it is snowing, and it is going to keep snowing or sleeting all day.

This is yet another opportunity for me to practice not worrying. (If interested, see my "Do Not Worry” blog)


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13 responses to “My irresponsible neighbor and her lost little bitty doggie…


    Irresponsible pet owners! In the past 5 1/2 years Sam has gotten loose 4 or 5 times, usually after snapping his lead to chase some of the 50+ cats roaming loose on our street. These cats belong to 3 neighbors who let them roam all over and give you the "Cats have to roam!" excuse when you complain about them digging up flower beds, leaving "presents" behind, fighting outside our bedroom window at 3:00 AM, etc! At least the coyote pack on this end of the ridge is well fed.I hope the pup found shelter or someone took him in. It would be a shame if he had to suffer because his owner needs a swift boot in the hind parts.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: You and me both! I hope the little bitty doggy finds her way home, but on the other hand, the same thing would keep on happening. If the doggy does not find her way home, I hope she finds a loving home with responsible pet owners. She was running so fast down the street, and she is so teeny, I am afraid my neighbors won\’t find her. Did I happen to mention I am irked?? X


    I second your GRRRRRRRR!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Thanks for the support, man! X

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