How to play jazz on a carrot: Step one: Make a clarinet out of the carrot…

This is for real, as far as I can tell. I’ve read all I can find on it. does not have an official page on it, but they discussed it in their message boards, and I checked the links that were posted.

I’m posting this disclaimer because my hubby did NOT think it was for real. I had to convince him so that now he agrees with me. So, you might need to be convinced, too.

I played clarinet for years — in junior high, high school, college, and then community band. Good thing I played in community band… that’s where I met my hubby…

A clarinet is just a tube with holes that you cover with your fingers or keys. There is a mouthpiece on one end and a bell on the other end. I am a very skeptical person generally, but I have no problem believing that the tube can be a carrot and that this guy is for real.

The man in the videos below is Linsey Pollak ( His website has a lot more information about other musical instruments he has made from other things.

Step one: Make a clarinet out of a carrot:

carrot clarinet making 

Step two: Play jazz on the carrot clarinet:

Carrot clarinet

I’ve watched this video oodles of times. he is making all the music with this instrument, but he is also using an electronic sound looper to have more than one part playing at a time.


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