“What is the reason for God?”

I was on a message board yesterday rehashing everything that had happened in the season premier of Lost, and I got a PM from a fellow Lostie.

First, to explain: Me being me, I have a link to my website available everywhere I go in the internet. Even talking about Lost, people know that I am open about why I believe in God.

Sometimes, people just want to jump on my case in the middle of a public conversation and tell me how stupid I am. That is fine and dandy and I expect it.

But, other times, somebody will write me a private message (PM) with honest questions about why I believe in God and related topics.

So, back to the Lost board:

After initial introductions, the fellow Lostie wrote me a PM asking this:

"So the first question:  what is the reason for God?"

This was my answer:

In my humble opinion:

  • Number one: God does not need a reason
  • Number two: If there is a reason, we would not understand it.

My hubby built me a goldfish pond in our backyard. To me, us trying to understand God is like my fish trying to understand me.

God has made a world for us, but we are so far out of God’s league that it is impossible for us to know why there is a God or why God does things the way he does.

I just thought I would share that here for no apparent reason…


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  1. X-Evolutionist

    a bump of the most shameless kind…

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