I went out to the garage and found a truck part lying on the floor…

We have one vehicle, a 1991 Chevy Blazer. Today or yesterday, a part fell off of it and I found it on the garage floor.

I called my hubby at work and told him about it. He drove to a mechanic to see what was missing. So, tomorrow, my hubby is dropping of the truck to get a new exhaust system put on.

Our poor old truck! I have had it since it was new. I accidentally bought a new truck when I didn’t know any better, and we are still trying to get our money’s worth out of it…..

We have to put a chunk of money into it every so often, but it’s been a good truck. My hubby’s drive to work is just two minutes long. Plus, we are within a mile or two of shopping, post office, doctor, drug store, vet and most other things.

Since we live so close to everything, and don’t have to put many miles on the truck, we are trying to keep it going as long as we can. Buying a new (used) vehicle is out of the question.

Just one more fun thing to keep life interesting….


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6 responses to “I went out to the garage and found a truck part lying on the floor…


    I\’ve been buying used vehicles as long as I\’ve been driving, almost always for cash and almost always from the original owner. Even though we have to put some money in them from time to time we don\’t have to worry about making monthly payments and by the time we buy them all or most of the bugs and recalls have been worked out and paid for by the original owner. Of course, up until I got hurt in \’05 I was a master automotive tech, did my own maintenance and repairs and got parts at a professional discount. Even now, paying a mechanic to do the work for me, I\’m still coming out ahead.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: I\’m with you, now. I know now that buying a new vehicle is a bad deal. It had been my first experience with a car salesman, and he got me. My previous two cars had been VW Bugs bought for cash. X


    Most car salesmen only have a choice between that and politics. With both, you can tell they\’re lying to you if their lips are moving. Back home, I went with a buddy once to look at a new car for his wife. We went on our lunch break and without thinking about it I picked up a plain jacket and put it on over my uniform. This slick car salesman started in on Nick with his sales pitch and he was really shovelling it…..if you get my drift….until I started getting warm and took my jacket off. When he saw the ASE certified master technician patch on my shoulder it was as if he forgot how to speak English all at once. He knew what it took to earn that patch because about 1/2 the mechanics in their service department wore them. Nick didn\’t buy the car.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: That is a funny story! You got him good! We wanted another vehicle after we married. The salesmen would come up and as what we wanted our monthly payments to be. We said we don\’t want monthly payments, we want to pay cash. We wanted a beater, but they wanted to sell an expensive one to get commision. X


    Some things I lerned long ago from a reformed car salesman:1. Stay off the lots and buy from the classifieds.2. A test drive should also include a trip tp a trusted mechanic for a thorough once over. If the seller says no, go look for another car.3. When you do decide to buy, a handfull of $50 bills fanned out under the seller\’s nose will always get you a better price than if you pay by check. I got Godzilla for $2700 under the seller\’s "rock bottom" price that way.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: Very good advice! Thank you! X

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