Mmmm. Potato/Corn chowder for breakfast….

My hubby is a good cook. He is the only good cook in the house. In fact, he is the only cook in the house.

He won’t eat my cooking since he is a better cook. He would rather do all the cooking. Hey, fine with me!

Last night, my hubby made me a giant batch of potato corn chowder. Yum yum! He made it so I would have easy lunches this week.

Lunches? Well, yes, if I could wait that long. Potato/Corn chowder makes a dandy breakfast, too, as I found out today.

My hubby likes to make sure I have yummy, healthy food all the time.

Thank you, Sweetie!


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8 responses to “Mmmm. Potato/Corn chowder for breakfast….

  1. Abdol Rahim

    It seems fine, but I not understand these two comments above !!!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Abdol: Those comments were not for me. Somebody must have posted in the wrong blog. X

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