How to get a free printer plus $8 change when returning a “black screen of death” computer…

We had an interesting time at Best Buy last night…

Earlier this month, my hubby bought me a new computer with Windows 7 (Woohoo!) Soon after we got it all set up, it starting giving me the “black screen of death” periodically.

We took my computer back to Best Buy last night. They were all out of my model with no more to come. But, an employee had accidently taken the last one and set it up as a display model.

Since the only one of the my model available was the display model, they offered us the “open box discount” of ten percent off the list price. Plus, if you bought a computer, you got a discount on a printer.

So, we left Best Buy with a new computer (with new warrantee) new printer/scanner/fax and a gift card with eight dollars change.

I still have my humongous laser printer from when I worked at home, but the auto feed for 8 1/2” is broken. (I can still use it for 11×17 if I ever want to). Plus, it is too big to fit comfortably in the living room where I use the computer. I’ve been wanting a new printer for a while…

Plus, my hubby stole my scanner and took it to work “temporarily” a year ago…. I’ve been wanting to scan some illustrations from my favorite books to put on my website. I finally have a scanner. Finally! That will give me something constructive to do to keep me off the streets…


In addition to that, I have all the fun of having a new computer for the second time this month.

Not too shabby.


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