A favor: Please beta-test my new website format before I revise the rest of my pages…

— Edited to add: I have now edited my entire site to show my new format. I am still working on getting the bugs out, so feedback is still appreciated! —

Thanks to Dave for info about how to fix my colorful h3 headings caused by  hrefs. He said that some browsers ignore style sheets. He said to put the style info in each page All better now! My headings are black like I wanted.


My hubby got me a new computer with Windows 7 for a late Christmas present. I decided to celebrate by working on my website. My old XP computer was slow and frustrating.

I’m having a blast with my new computer. While I’ve been working on my website, I’ve been able to learn all about Windows 7. The new and improved features have really helped me be more productive.

….I have a big favor to ask my Windows Live friends:

I am totally redoing the whole format of my website. Before I redo all my pages with this format, I hope a few nice people will agree to open This Page (edited to add: I removed the test page. My site is all revised in the regular domain) up in their favorite browser, and tell me if there are problems. (I’m not talking about my crackpot ideas, just the page format. Please and Thank you.)

I have already checked the test page in IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome. But, I can’t go to all of your houses and open it using your personal settings. (wouldn’t it be scary if I could do that…..)

Anyway, about the new format:

I have slapped together a three column page with a header and a footer using <div> with css. I used Tutorial 9 – Liquid three column layout as a guideline. My old page is Here for comparison.

I have checked my code in W3C Markup Validation Service, and the only thing it does not like is the url for AddThis.com, but that’s the way it has to be, so I can’t help it.

Whacky things I am already aware of — Known issues I don’t want to deal with right now. But, if you know right off what the deal is, that would be nice. I’m sure my style-sheet is to blame.)

  • The headings in Chrome and Firefox are blue in both, and red on hover in Firefox.  (IE8 shows them black like I want.

Hmm. I thought there were more “known issues” with the other browsers, but that’s all I found.

Anyway, if you could let me know of glitches, I’d appreciate it. Screen captures showing the problem would be great, too, if you don’t mind.

Thank you bunches and bunches!

(hmm. I just noticed the margins are wider on my test page since I loaded it up in my domain than they were on my desktop. Strange. Same style sheet. hmmm. If anybody knows why the margins would be wider once online, please tell me.

Edited to add: I’ve looked at IE8, Google Chrome and Firefox: On all three, the margins are wider online than they are on my desktop. There is something I do not know, of course. If anybody else knows what the deal is here, please let me know.

Thank you.


2010 Microsoft MVP (ooh, I couldn’t resist…)

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32 responses to “A favor: Please beta-test my new website format before I revise the rest of my pages…


    It\’s in Chinese!! No, seriously it looks just fine to me. In know, I know….go stand in the corner.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: Thank you very much for the feedback! Come out of the corner, now, that is enough punishment…. X


    WOO-HOO! Now I\’m gonna run with scissors!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: That\’s a no no! X

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket: You just triggered a fond memory. I have no idea why we should not eat paste. It is so yummy! The paste in my elementary school was so sweet! White paste, in a clear jar, with a black lid, and a brush that was stuck to the lid so it was always in the paste. Ahhh, memories… X


    Num num num!

  7. Curtis

    Looks good here too.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Curtis: Thank you very much for letting me know! This is a big change, and I want to make sure it works before replacing my existing pages with the new ones. X

  9. Dave

    Looking good here, except links are showing up in blue/red in IE8 as well. Thats actually the default on most browsers. Did you specify link colours in your style sheet? If not, it will use the defaults. If you have specified colours, check for random punctuation, which can invalidate the chunk of script. Variable margins aren\’t always a bad thing, it\’s where a browser can sort out little cross-browser niggles for you. If you do want them exact, You have to specify absolute sizes and positions (in pixels). But if you are going to use a stylesheet, I would leave it flexible, then it can automatically cope with slightly missized pictures etc

  10. Dave

    P.S The best discription of W3C validation I\’ve heard is that it is like world peace. It\’s a brilliant idea, and something we should all strive for, but we probably won\’t see it in our lifetime 🙂

  11. X-Evolutionist

    @Dave: Thank you very much for checking it out. That red/blue thing is the default? The visited, hover and text color are set in my style sheet. They look OK on my computer, but I apprecaite your report. I like your comment about W3C! Thanks bunches for the several tips. Those are a big help. X

  12. X-Evolutionist

    UPDATE: I figured my new format was "close enough". I went ahead and changed my whole site to the new format and put it online. I will still keep checking for glitches and fixing things as I go. Thanks to my beta testers! X

  13. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, no! I accidentally deleted Dave Howes\’ latest comment to me here! Sorry Dave! I was deleting an hours worth of spam, and I was in the zone. I noticed too late that I deleted Dave\’s post by mistake. I was able to retrieve part of it from his profile page:"No probs :-)The link colour thing iis always irritating! Most people have their browsers set to always use default colours, which overides the stylesheet. The o…"

  14. Dave

    Ok, here it is again (sort of….. 🙂 "No probs :-)The link colour thing iis always irritating! Most people have their browsers set to always use default colours, which overides the stylesheet. The only sure way I\’ve found to impose link colours is to write them into the headings of each page, which then overides the overide set by the browser.If you are designing websites, can I point you at the Lunascape browser? ( from http://www.lunascape.tv }This is a very clever browser that uses the three engines used by all the main browsers, so you can load your sites, and switch between them in the same window to check for differences. You can even open them side by side using different engines for direct comparison. Very useful!

  15. X-Evolutionist

    @Dave: That\’s a bummer that the style sheets can be overridden like that. I\’ll take your advice and revise each page. Thanks for the recommendation of Lunascape. I usually have Google Chrome, Firefox and IE8 all open to the same page while I edit so I can switch back and forth. Your idea sounds a lot easier! " X

  16. Michelle

    I like the site, very simple & easy to read and navigate…easy on the eyes…don\’t much about all that you mentioned in building your site so it seems fine to me…love the info and will check it out when I have more time…good job!grace to youShellhttp://grace4shell.spaces.live.com

  17. X-Evolutionist

    Michelle: Thank you very much for reviewing my site and giving me feedback. That is a big help to me. X

  18. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Hi X, your new place looks real good, easy to navigate which is always a good thing i think. was slow to load i guess that was this computer of mine and nothing to do with loading your site. Take care X

  19. X-Evolutionist

    @SweetSunnySide: Thank you very much for your comments. That\’s a big help to me! X

  20. X-Evolutionist

    @Dave: Thank you for telling me what to do about my blue/red h3 <a> tags! I put the style info in each page as you suggested: (a.black {color:black;} ) , and in each h3 tag: (class="black") and reviewed each page using Lunascape. All better now! My headings are black like I wanted. Thanks bunches for the tip! X

  21. Dave

    No Probs. It\’s looking good 🙂

  22. X-Evolutionist

    @Dave: I was checking more pages with Lunascape. I\’m going to have to put symbol codes in for a bunch of stuff! I never thought about that before. The apostrophies and quotes are question marks! That Lunascape is a great tool. It will save me effort in the long run. I appreciate it. X

  23. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, man. I just looked at the date on this blog to see how long I\’ve been working on my website. Whew! It\’s been six days since I wrote this post. Plus, there were the days before this post when I was setting up the new format. I can\’t believe how much time this is taking. I guess I am just doing a better job this time. I\’m working on validating each page with W3C Markup Validation Service http://validator.w3.org/. It\’s cool, though, because once everything passes, then it is supposed to work in every browser. Anyway, that is where I have been all day every day the last couple of weeks. Oh, I\’ve poked my head into Windows Live Town a few times a day, but that\’s for coffee breaks. Well, back to the salt mine… X

  24. Javier

    Hi, try this at your css: a:hover { color: #000000;} ;)Website looks good, if you want to make it easier for navigation maybe you could put a <a name="top" /> tag before your menu and a <a href="#top">Back to top</a> tag after each paragraph. See you around.

  25. X-Evolutionist

    @Javier: Thank you for the suggestions! I will check them out. I like the back to top idea. I\’ll check out the hover suggestion and see what it looks like. X

  26. X-Evolutionist

    @Javier: I thought about your comment about the menu, and I decided to move it up by relocating the banner and search box elsewhere. This opened up a whole new can of worms for me, though. I wrote about my code troubles here: http://x-evolutionist.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!25A0033DD834DD1D!15375.entry

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