This is the last blog post from my 2002 XP computer. Windows 7 here I come!

I’ll be writing my next blog entry after this using Windows 7. Woo-hoo! I’ll be finally able to see what all the fuss is about! I’m looking forward to trying out Windows Media Center and Windows Live Movie Maker, two of the many things I can’t have with XP. (Windows Live Movie Maker is available as part of Windows Live Essentials, but Movie Maker could not install in XP.)

I can’t wait until my hubby hooks it up later so I can surf around Windows 7 and see what all can be done with it. I am jazzed!

My old computer is old and tired. It’s a 2002 with XP. My hubby has been wanting me to get a new computer for Christmas. I thought I was very happy with my computer, but he said I complain all the time.

This was my work computer. I worked in the office when I first got the job. Then, the boss asked if I would “mind” working out of my house……

MIND? It turned out that old X was such a good worker that he did not need any other employees. We left the office building and my boss and I set up shop in our homes cross town from each other. He let me use all the office furniture equipment. So, I had my big desk, laser printer, fax, etc etc, all within a minute commute from my bedroom.

Imagine having a job and only seeing your boss once or twice a year…. We communicated with phone, fax and email. Anyway, for some great years, this computer and I drew a lot of bridge plans together.

It lasted until my health gave out two years ago.  Really long story. But, I forgot how to do my job. It was really, really embarrassing! We finally found out it was because oxygen was not getting to my brain due to a lung disease. I’m hooked up to oxygen now, and am some better.

When I could no longer work, my boss had to close up shop. I was the only employee and he did not know the engineering software I used. He was almost retirement age, and a couple more years working for the state was going to give him a fatter retirement check. They wanted him back working at the state since he went into business for himself, anyway, so, it all worked out.

After he decided to close up shop and go back to work at the state, he sold me everything in my home office for $500. This computer already had a lot of miles on it, but the price was right. It’s been my own computer for the two years since I’ve worked.

So now, here we are and my hubby has been trying to convince me that I need a new commuter for Christmas. His insistence finally won me over. We just got home from Best Buy. We got an HP closeout on sale. 

I’m not looking forward to moving all my stuff from one computer to the other one and setting up email, and all that stuff. My hubby is setting up a network for the BIG MOVE but he needs a new router, first. He’s been needing one anyway for his laptop, but the error message when hooking up the new commuter said it was not secure. So, we need to bite the bullet. (since I can’t work anymore, money has been tight)

Right now, we have tile falling off the shower walls in the “big” bathroom. Plus, the truck’s front end is shimmying. I’m not that happy about spending money on the computer, but my hubby is convinced that my computer is ready to totally die, and I will lose everything.

This is preventative maintenance, he says. But, I told my hubby that he is going to have to keep showering in the little shower. This computer took what we were going to pay to fix the tile. Oh, well, sweetie….

So, when my hubby gets home again from Best Buy, and finishes setting up our network, I’ll start playing with my new computer with Windows 7. I’ll finally be in on what all the fuss has been about.

In the days and weeks to come, I’m probably going to be blogging about how much fun I’m having with Windows 7. Stay tuned!


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