My first white Christmas…

We had a blizzard yesterday in Oklahoma City. This was the view out my back door at sunrise this morning:

Backyard at sunrise, after a blizzard the day before

Over 14 inches of snow fell in one day yesterday, December 24, 2009. This was two and a half inches above the record for the amount of snow in one day. The record was set way back in 1914. (Pesky "Global Warming"!)

I posted a video taken yesterday when the blizzard first started. This video was taken a few hours later, when it was worse:

Oklahoma City Blizzard – Christmas Eve 2009

I was very surprised when I saw the view below: Somehow, the snow not only blew sideways, but also got under my screenroom roof through the screens on the back patio. We built the screenroom last spring. It is outside our siding glass doors to the patio.

In this picture, you can see my futon, covered with snow. In the background, you can see that my pond is frozen solid.

Snow in the screened in patio

Being a long time California Girl until 13 years ago, I am totally oblivious about the topic of “snow”.

Sadly, the snow is making it very difficult for many people who were travelling yesterday. There was a weather advisory for people to stay home and off the roads. The airport and the freeways were closed. People who were travelling were stranded and were staying in shelters last night.

As I said, this is a record snowfall. It is too bad it happened on a day when so many people were travelling.


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21 responses to “My first white Christmas…

  1. Tracey

    14 inches is a ton of snow for sure! And yes X, snow does get through screens LOL. The dogs will love it anyway – that\’s some yard full of snow to play in! Your hubby has to go out and throw them snowballs!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Even you think that\’s a lot of snow? Wow! My hubby is sick today. He has a cold. He was outside, anyway, trying to shovel the driveway. We are trapped in our house. There is a high snowbank on the driveway so we can\’t get the car out of the garage. He was not in a mood to throw snowballs or make a snowman after all that work. We are still trapped in the house, but he gave it a good try. I hope you are having a great day. X

  3. Tracey

    Ugh! The shovelling is the bad part, the snowballs and snowmen are the good part. l\’m from Southern Ontario. We can get some big snowfalls but not to compare with the north and yes l do think that\’s a LOT of snow at once. l\’ve seen that much on the ground plenty of times but l know how hard it is to cope with when it all falls at the same time. You should bundle up X and get the dogs out back. Gently throw snowballs at them – they usually try to catch them and go nuts when they break apart! You get a different view of snow when you\’re playing with a dog (or a kid). Get well bundled with thick mittens. Fresh snow can be the most beautiful thing.l like shovelling provided l don\’t have to do too much of it. l think of it as the adult version of playing in the snow. For those of us who don\’t have dogs.

  4. Tracey

    Are there any kids in the neighbourhood who can be hired to shovel? Lot of people over age 50 have heart attacks from it.

  5. Grandpa Dewey

    When I was younger and living in Mo. shoveling snow for older people was a money maker, that was before snow blowers. Just imagine what a teenager could make now using the blower. Warnings were out no driving, so why clear the driveway? Tracey is right anyone over 50 should not be shoveling snow. Just keep taking the pictures and enjoying the view. Fish pond frozen over, what about the fish?

  6. Jen

    I\’ve been watching the snow news. Tons of countries are getting this lot. It\’s all throughout Europe; Canada\’s been hit in parts and you guys in America, all over the place, are getting the stuff BIG time. We\’ve almost got rid of our first falls here in Norfolk but apparently, we should expect more very soon. I might slither out into town early next week, if possible, and pick up whatever I might need for the month before it all starts again. GD talks about heart attacks; it worried me so much when Mum wouldn\’t put her heating on. She gets the same help with heating as we do. She should use it.

  7. Greg

    Pesky "global warming?" In quotes no less. In fact, more extreme weather (hotter summers, colder winters, bigger hurricanes, severe snowstorms, etc.) pretty much fits the expected models of "climate change" (that\’s what the politicians calling it these days). Boy, you just don\’t trust science at all, do you X? I\’m dying to know what you do when you have a headache… 🙂

  8. Jen

    Dunno about hotter summers over \’ere, Greg. Wetter ones, defintely! Actually, last year we did have a summer after two years of being washed out. 2007 – nothing but soggy-itis for six months or more. Forecasters said it had lasted for three. They must have been holed up somewhere nice, methinks;-) Then 2008. The year my radio station got all blown to bits by lightning. The storms that year were dreadful. Hardly seen any lightning this year. It\’s very strange…

  9. Jen

    Oh, by the way, howz your son, Greg?

  10. X-Evolutionist

    @Dewey: I checked Craigslist this morning. There were people offering to come and shovel snow. I tried to get my hubby to agree to this, but he insisted on shoveling the snow, himself. He has a cold, and no snow shovel. Just a pointy digging shovel. He is very naughty. Anyway, he managed to shovel enough to get the car out. He is out and about right now. X

  11. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: It\’s a lot better here than it was yesterday. The city crews got the main drags clear enough for traffic. The freeways are open again. People are going back to their cars and continuing along to where they were going. Things are getting back to normal. X

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: Your comment below implies that all of science is one unit with one belief and I am standing alone in my doubt of "Global Warming". In my humble opinion, and the opinion of many other people, including many scientists, the "evidence" for global warming just shows a normal fluctuation in the climate. Greenland was named Greenland because it was green, for instance, now it is covered with snow. There are forests under the ice in Antarctica. The earth has obviously been warmer than this before. This is just another fluctuation. You are too young to remember the outcry in the 1970s with the scare about the coming Ice Age. X

  13. GreatGranny

    I get little snow here in Dixie, so I appreciate friends sharing their pix. Thanks for the video as well. I do not believe in this \’Global Warming\’ stuff….political mumbo jumbo….just my view.

  14. X-Evolutionist

    @Great Granny: We agree about "Global Warming" being "political mumbo jumbo". Since you are a Great Granny perhaps you remember the coming Ice Age predictions of the 1970s. Burn me once…… X

  15. X-Evolutionist

    Yesterday morning, my goldfish pond looked like a goldfish pond. This morning, it looks like an ice skating rink. The pump is still running the waterfall, so that\’s good. The goldfish need a hole in the ice in order to "breathe". As long as the pump is moving the water, we will have a little hole in the ice at the foot of the falls. X

  16. Kimmy

    Well I say if it\’s going to be that cold outside it might as well snow. lol And looks like you got plenty to last awhile too. I\’m one of these "tree huggers" who believes in global warming too. But everyone has an opinion, that\’s what makes this big old world of ours great. We should take care of it better than we have.Have a wonderful Winter X. 🙂

  17. Jen

    I can remember the ice age theory back then, X. I was telling Hubs about it. Watched some TV tonight round a friend\’s where Discovery Channel were pooh-poohing the ten plagues God sent to Egypt when Moses was used to lead them out of captivity. It seems nobody can resist pulling a miracle to pieces. Now, with this global warming (pathetic!) governmental nonsense, the only truths available are these two: first of all, if mankind has been so busy polluting everything ever since he;s BEEN here, how is he suddenly going to fix everything? Such arrogance. He cannot. Ever. The second truth is he\’ll try and get everyone to believe that taxing everything will give him enough finance to "look into solutions". Hmmm. Since when did people\’s pockets stretch and grow with every governmental whim that came along? Utter madness. Man can kill at will, but he\’s also going to SAVE THE PLANET? Puh-leese…You\’ve probably noticed I don\’t have any faith in this theory;-)

  18. Jen

    Oh and, by the way, I\’m very glad you\’re doing better. Hope your Husband is beginning to kick that cold out. Take care and keep warm, both of you.

  19. X-Evolutionist

    @Kimmy: You know what? I\’ve said that too: if it\’s this cold, it might as well snow. I did not expect THIS though. This is a once in a lifetime snow storm. It looks really pretty. X

  20. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: My hubby is taking it easy and feels some better. Thank you! X

  21. Jen

    I\’m glad and you\’re welcome:-) Oof, (yawn!) Bed time, methinks. Catch you again soon.

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