My parakeet, Gumby, is trying to hatch some jelly beans, again….

Yes, really.

Gumby and Beady want to have a family. But, they are brother and sister. I have to take their eggs away so they don’t hatch. I hate to do it, in fact I make my hubby do it for me.

Gumby Beady
Gumby Beady

A couple of years ago when she was first laying eggs, we happened to have jellybeans in the house. I noticed at that time that they were the same size as Gumby’s eggs.

As an experiment, I switched her eggs with the jellybeans. She did not even notice. She just kept sitting on them. So, we’ve been using this system ever since.

If you take the eggs away, birds will just keep laying eggs and their little bodies get wore out. You have to put in a replacement in order for them to stop mating. There are (expensive) fake parakeet eggs that you can buy online, but white jellybeans always work for Gumby. She sits on them for a few weeks. When she stops sitting on them, I take out the jellybeans, and things go back to normal.

Gumby only lays eggs when she and Beady are alone in a house, rather than with the other parakeets, like they usually are. They have only been alone in a cage for the last two weeks, but they did not waste any time trying to start a family!

They don’t have a nest – she just kicks all the food out of her bowl and sits in it. So, last night my hubby took out her eggs, and I put three jellybeans in her food bowl. She looks very happy and content.

I wrote what follows as a draft a few weeks ago. I never got around to posting it, but I’ll put is here to explain how Beady and Gumby ended up in the honeymoon suite:


Time to shuffle the parakeets again… A pretty widow has her eyes on a married man……

I have seven parakeets. Once in a while, they have tiffs, and they fight. As a Pet Mom, I have to make sure that all of my pets are safe. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen several of my parakeets having fights, but I never could tell who was the instigator.

Parakeets are cute and little, but they are strong fighters. I catch them on the bottom of their house (“cage” sounds so mean) clamped onto each other with beaks and claws, rolling around all over the place. Then, I have to reach in, pry them apart, and put one in another house.

Over the years since I’ve had birds (parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, also) I’ve had to keep certain birds apart for various reasons. I don’t like anybody having to be alone in a house, and I always end up with a roommate for whoever is starting the fights.

This morning, I think I found out the problem…..

One of my mixed matches of birds, a pair I put together when one didn’t get along with anybody else, was broken when Pipsqueak, my last lovebird, died. Pipsqueak’s widow, a parakeet named Shelly, has decided she loves Beady.

Well, the problem is that Beady is married to Gumby. Gumby has taken Shelly moving in on Beady for too long, she says, and has started trying to right this wrong. So, this morning, I put Gumby, the instigator, and her husband, Beady in a house next door to the rest of the parakeets. Shelly will have to admire Beady from afar.

Calling parakeets “married” might sound funny, but in the parrot world, that’s the way it is. Parrot-type birds all mate for life. Beady is in love with Gumby now, but actually, he has been a widower a couple of times.

Beady’s first love was a one-legged parakeet I talked the manager of PetSmart out of. I try not to pay for handicapped birds – I just promise to take care of them for life, and I do.

Miss Piggy (who I named after the joke about the pig so good the farmer couldn’t eat all at one time) was alone in a cage at PetSmart, on the floor in the corner, since they didn’t know what to do with her.

Beady loved Miss Piggy, and would bring her food since she couldn’t get around very well. They were a very sweet couple. When Miss Piggy died, my old spinster parakeet named Ziggy moved in on him. They were together happily until she died a few years later.

But, Beady loves love, and now he is with Gumby. And, as I found out this morning, Gumby is fiercely protecting her marriage with Beady against the pretty widow, Shelly.

So, now all is calm in the parakeet houses again. Whew. I can stop coming in in the middle of the night to break up fights.



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22 responses to “My parakeet, Gumby, is trying to hatch some jelly beans, again….

  1. X-Evolutionist

    Gumby is still trying to hatch her jellybeans. She is sitting on them, looking very content. She quit laying eggs after five, so she has five jellybeans to sit on. X

  2. Les

    That is very cute, I am thinking about getting one. They aren\’t very expensive here, although I would like to buy directly from a breeder, I don\’t know of any here. I never see any adds in the paper either. There is a pet store nearby though. I hope you are doing well. May you have a good weekend there…

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Les: A piece of advice: get a baby parakeet. They are a lot easier to make friends with if they are a baby. By "baby", I mean one that has all its feathers, but is just old enough to leave the nest. (if you were wanting a larger parrot, I\’d suggest you adopt a "used" one. They live many, many years. There are too many who need a home because people do not expect how much work is involved. People get babies, then sell it back to the pet shop in a year. Very, very sad.) X

  4. Les

    I remember when I was a child my mom got one, it would fly on our shoulders when we were washing dishes and start nibbling on our ears when our hands were full and wet. It was fun but a little pest too.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Les: Parrot-type birds are funny. They mate for life, but if there is no other bird around, they might choose us for a mate. My cockatiel, Penny, is with me this afternoon. She used to be more bonded with me, but she still wants to hang out with me sometimes. Our parrot, Rufus, pictured in my banner, is in love with my hubby. You\’ll have to tell me about your parakeet when you get one. He might decide to choose you for his mate. X

  6. Les

    How long do parakeets live for? Usually

  7. X-Evolutionist

    @Les: Parakeets supposedly live up to fifteen years according to the internet, but I have not been that lucky. Eight or nine years ago, I took in a boy parakeet and a girl parakeet from two different places, and they ended up having babies three times in one year. I kept all the babies. The babies were from a clutch of five to a clutch of eight, (I forget the third clutch number) so I had a big cage full of parakeets. Of the parents and al the babies, only babies Gumby, Beady and three others are still alive I feed them the good pelleted food, not seed, too. But, my parakeets just have not lived very long. X

  8. X-Evolutionist

    The time has come for Gumby to stop sitting on her jellybeans. I noticed last night that there were kicked out of the food bowl she was using as a nest. Not only that, they\’ve been nibbled on. The jellybeans did the trick, and that is all that mattered. She was a very contented "mommy to be" while she was sitting on her jellybeans for about two weeks. Now, she will go a while, maybe a year, before laying any more eggs. Everything is back to normal, now! X


    If she hatches one do you think you\’ll have those marshmallow chicks we get at Easter…Peeps?

  10. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket Man: So THAT\’S where Peeps come from! Good one! X

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