I’ve been spending way too much time online….

Friday, my hubby was sick, so I was off the computer to spend time with him.

Saturday and Sunday, the computer was unhooked when my hubby emptied everything out of the living room so he could paint the floor.

Monday, the living room floor looked like a Spanish clay patio, and the living room stayed empty in order to let it dry completely.

Today, Tuesday, my hubby hooked the computer up on his lunch hour.

Between Friday morning and this morning, I re-discovered that there is a whole world outside of this box……

I spent time with my pets. I enjoyed the lovely Fall weather inside my screenroom that my hubby had built for me. I listened to music. I crocheted. I read. I watched my goldfish in the pond. I took a short trike ride. I cuddled my boy dog Belty. I walked in the yard. I pulled up dying plants in the pond. I played with my birds. In other words, I had a life.

So, I’ve decided that I’ve been spending way to much time on this box, and it’s time to cut it down some. I’ll be available by PM and email, but I won’t be spending nearly as much time here. I’ll still make Clubhouse posts as the mood strikes me, and I’ll still visit from time to time.

As for the Spam: 

I’ve come to the realization that my efforts are pointless as long as there is a never ending list of “No name” accounts available to Spammers. While I’ve been reporting fires to Windows Live, they have been handing out matches. My decision to take a break from the battle at this point will hardly make a difference.

I’ve let Windows Live know that there is a problem a zillion different times in a zillion different ways already. We can only hope that all my complaints since last February will see some changes in the next wave to come.



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3 responses to “I’ve been spending way too much time online….


    Our daughter made the same remark about spending too much time online a couple of days agao. She\’s been sharing my laptop since her netbook bit the big one. Of course, her resolution to live in the real world more will probably vaporize when she gets home from work tonight. FedEx just delivered a box and I\’m oretty certain it contains her new netbook. P.S: Sam says Belty needs his ears scratched.

  2. Grandpa Dewey

    Enjoy your time away from this box, I do take a break from here everynow and then. My walking the streets snapping a photo here and there. Spend sometime with thelittle woman. Then back to the box (asyou call it)I enjoy read what others have to say. You will be back.

  3. Happy

    Always, for me, trying to find the balance of family/friends, work, personal/private writing and blogging. Still haven\’t quite found the magic formula to accommodate all that\’s thrown at me in a day/evening. Enjoy the break. 🙂

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