How to make your Windows Live Space unique with a Custom HTML module – HTML knowledge not needed when you use Windows Live Writer!

image_thumb[7][1]Adding a Custom HTML module is a great way to personalize your Windows Live Space. Your Space will not look like anybody else’s once you put your own content in a Custom HTML module.

As I show below, you don’t even need to know html because you can design your content in Windows Live Writer and it will give you the code! This post assumes you have Windows Live Writer downloaded, and you know how to add text and images with it.

Many people, me included, make a banner (or have a friend make a banner in my case) for their Space and put it in a Custom HTML module. That is just one way to use it. I also have buttons to my groups and website in a Custom HTML module.

Would you believe that some people like to make banners for their friends? Ask around! You might have a talented friend who would love to make you a banner if you would just link to his Space in yours. My friend, Jodi, made my banner for me as a surprise!

The picture of my parrot, Rufus, is in my Space in a Custom HTML module. Think of some text or image, or a combination you can use to make your Space unique, and put it on your Space in a Custom HTML module:

Click Customize/Add Modules/ then select “Modules” as shown below. Also, make a note of the “Save” button, you will need that in a minute.


After clicking “Modules”, scroll down until you see Custom HTML, and then click “Add”.


After clicking add, click “Close Tab”, then “Save” as you saw in the image a minute ago. You will have to put your Space back in the “Edit” mode to move your Custom HTML module where you want it: Customize/Rearrange or hide modules.

Next, if you are an HTML expert, just put your code in the module and click “Publish” as shown below.

Otherwise, if you are not an HTML expert, Windows Live Writer is a great tool. You can format your text, and add images that are already hosted somewhere so you can load them in writer with the url. Once you get what you want designed in Writer, switch the view in Writer to "source" to get the code and copy it:

Windows Live Writer

Then paste the code into your html module and click "Publish".


I hope this helps you to customize your Space so that it reflects your personality.

Have fun with your Windows Live Space!


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42 responses to “How to make your Windows Live Space unique with a Custom HTML module – HTML knowledge not needed when you use Windows Live Writer!

  1. Gerry

    Thanks for the great tip X. One of these days I\’m going to try and make a banner for my space, if I ever get the time and figure out what I want.Gerry 🙂

  2. Ludwig J.

    Neat! I have been using Windows Live Writer to do my blogs, never occurred to me to use it also for HTML modules. Works like a charm. Thanks for sharing!

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Ludwig: I am very happy you liked my tip about using Windows Live Writer to format content for html modules! I learned how to code html while I was making my website. When I found Windows Live Writer, I started using it for my website. It\’s great at most things I need for my website. There are fancier html editors, but this one is perfect for me (unless I do something fancy), and the price is right. X

  4. Rob

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post about using Windows Live Writer as an HTML editor. Absolutely brilliant!

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Rob: I\’m happy you like my tip about using Windows Live Writer as an html editor. After several years of hand coding, Windows Live Writer was a neat trick to find. X

  6. Jen

    I did one on this months and months ago. Forget who wanted to know about it at the time! It\’s nice to have everything confirmed:-)

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Great minds think alike… X

  8. Happy

    Dear X, I am so laughing. Not at you. Just recall when I came online and could not understand how others had photos and graphics and wondering where to get a \’sandbox\’. Eventually it all got figured out but thanks for running basic info again.

  9. John

    I was unable to use this technique to get my StackOverflow flair into my Spaces site. See for a discussion of this problem, as I\’m not the only one who has failed to accomplish this. See for what we\’re trying to accomplish.

  10. X-Evolutionist

    @John: Not everything will work in an html module. Some things need to be hosted elsewhere and called in with an iFrame, such as my google search box, for instance. I\’m not familiar with the website you linked. X

  11. John

    The content _is_ hosted on the site. I attempted to access it through either an iframe or through a script tag, both referring to content from the site. What other mechanisms are there for placing hosted content on my spaces site?

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @John: I\’m sorry but the only help I can give is host it elsewhere (besides spaces) and call it in with an iFrame. If that does not work, I don\’t know what will help. I\’m not a pro in that regard. I\’m in a group called All Things Live Somebody there will be able to help you more than I can. Good luck. X

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