My hubby kicked me out of the house

My hubby is cleaning house, and I’m relaxing in the screenroom, blogging from my cell. I’m a lucky girl. X


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10 responses to “My hubby kicked me out of the house

  1. X-Evolutionist

    Well, that was a nice rest, but it\’s over now. The vaccuum cleaner went blewy while he was vaccuuming. Now, it\’s time to go out to lunch, and then go vacuum cleaner shopping. Fun fun fun.I\’ve got the best hubby in the world. With the state of my health, I can\’t do much around the house. My hubby has to do it all. I\’m a very blessed girl to have such a wonderful hubby. X

  2. Michelle

    yep you are…grace to youshell

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Michelle, Thank you coming to my blog! It\’s nice to see you. X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: My hubby got a new toy: A Dyson vacuum cleaner. He\’s as happy as a kid with a new bike. He loves technology. He\’s been raving about it for fifteen minutes. I\’m happy for you sweetie. Have fun vacuuming, Sweetie. X

  5. Greg

    I told a co-worker the other day that I couldn\’t use our office vacuum, because it\’s a Dirt Devil and that\’s against my religion. She asked me if I\’d rather use a Dyson, to which I replied, "Dyson? I\’m not a Scientologist!"

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: Har har har. My hubby\’s is technogeek, and he is re-vacuuming the whole house just to see how much new dirt is picked up. It has a clear "bag" to see the dirt. He\’s kicking me out of the house again. he\’s going to vacuum the lazy boy chairs with a new attachment. Boys and their toys. X

  7. Jen

    Typical blokes, aye! You just make sure he leaves the chair where you put it;-) Hey, is it still there?

  8. Diana

    Mastercard advert:Fortnightly cleaners – $70Not having to clean the house – priceless(I love my cleaners)

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner did not suck up my lazy boy chair. I am amazed how much stuff this Dyson vacuum cleaner got up AFTER my hubby already vacuumed with our old vacuum cleaner. X

  10. X-Evolutionist

    @Diana Le: I like your idea about hiring a house cleaning service. Right now, my hubby is doing the cleaning. I mentioned it to him, and he doesn\’t think we need it. X

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