Getting a good deal on a refrigerator – the hard way…

My hubby has wanted a new refrigerator for years. It finally made it to the top of our priority list. So, a few days ago, my hubby went all over town shopping for the best deal, which he found at Best Buy. (I stayed home with my sick self)

I was born with the “Thrifty Gene”. I have always looked for the best bargain. I always find ways to save money. My hubby has been a good student. He went in and asked where the scratch and dents were, telling them that he was in the mood to buy a refrigerator if the price was low enough.

He finally settled on the display model of exactly what he wanted, a side by side. Since it was the display model, they charged him the “out of box” price, giving a dandy discount.

My hubby came home and told me about his conquest with great pride. He has found that saving money is more fun than spending money, and you get more stuff in the long run.

So, anyway, this morning our refrigerator was delivered. My hubby went on the Best Buy site to read more info about it. What in the heck? It is on Sale for less than we paid??

I am still the best one in the house as far as getting the best price (I embarrass my hubby), so I called and waited on hold and finally got the manager. After a while. he finally agreed to match the sale price, plus give the open box price discount on top of the sale price. We thought that was fair. Not too shabby.

But, here’s another funny part. The butter door cover is missing. So, my hubby is going to try to get them to order a new butter door. If they say “No”, then he will tell them to come and get the refrigerator we have  and to bring one with a butter door.

Saving money is fun!


I have to pick a “Category” for this. I choose Hobbies. Tee hee.


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