How do you explain to a good dog why you can’t give him a doggie goodie any more?

Belty with his high and tight Marine Corps haircut Jen just asked about my good boy Belty in my “Why do Dogs have Eyebrows” blog. As I answered, it was hard not to make it a long post, so I decided to make a blog entry out of the answer:

I recently posted about about Belty: My dog, Belty’s kidneys are shutting down … and I am broken hearted…

As I said in that post, Belty has to eat “special” food, and nothing else. Before we noticed he did not feel good, he has always gotten doggie goodies, lots of doggie goodies.

I am home all the time due to my health and I hang out with all my pets all day. A special event in my dogs’ day is when I go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, or grab lunch. For years and years, Mom being in a kitchen was a situation rife with possibilities.

My good boy dog Belty has always licked his doggie lips and looked at me as if to say: “Mom? Isn’t there anything else you think you should do while you are in the kitchen?”

Belty has always been good at suckering Mom out of a doggie goodie. He would sit up pretty for it, and then a very happy boy dog would run down the hall like a speeding bullet. Nicki, my other dog, gets goodies too, but they are not such a thrill to her. Food is food in her mind. She does not know a goodie is special.

So, anyway, now Belty’s kidneys are shutting down, and we are trying to keep him feeling as best as he can. Before the vet found out what was wrong with him, Belty had started to throw up all the time, or did not eat at all, and always had diarrhea. Now, with the “special” food, he does not have those problems.

His kidneys were making his digestive system all messed up. So, now, Belty can’t have anything except the “special” food or he will get sick again, and might get so sick that he dies.

Edited to add this paragraph: Belty says that the special food is nasty tasting. It also smells awful, in my opinion. He would not eat it for the first two days. But, the vet said that eventually he would HAVE to eat it, and he did. But, he still says it is nasty tasting.

The vet very specifically said that Belty can’t have doggie goodies ever again. They could kill him. To make it fair, we don’t give Nicki doggie goodies, either, but she does not mind. It was never something special to her. They are only special, very very special, to Belty.

Before I started writing this blog entry, I went into the kitchen to get a second cup of coffee. As always, Belty jumped off of Daddy’s chair and followed me in.

How do you explain to a good dog why you can’t give him a doggie goodie any more?

I wish I knew.




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23 responses to “How do you explain to a good dog why you can’t give him a doggie goodie any more?

  1. Jen

    Make him feel special when he eats his "medicinal" food. In your own way, tell him how special this stuff is, then he\’ll get all excited about it when he gets fed! I bet you do that anyway.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: That "special" food is so nasty. I can\’t even stand to smell it. I did not want to make my blog too gross, but that food smells nausiating to me. Belty would never believe it. He wouldn\’t eat it at all the first couple of days since it tastes so bad. The vet said that eventually he would have no choice but to eat it. I appreciate your idea though. X

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Help please – Belty is wandering around in circles and staring into space. Please pray, send good thoughts, send hope – whatever is proper in your personal philosophy of life, Belty and I could use them. I am afraid. I have had dogs act like this before they die before. I am not ready to let Belty go. Thank you. X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: After I wrote the comment below, I turned on a Christian music station on my cable TV. The first song that played was sent by God to me, in my humble opinion. I have been worrying about Belty so much, that I\’ve been missing the "right now". Check out this song:

  5. Jen

    How is he now, X?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, Jen. I was so scared. I thought he was going for sure. He is asleep in Daddy\’s chair right now. Everything is back to normal. But, what he was doing, wandering around and starting into space, I lost a good dog named Sky many years ago that way. Sky did not feel good, and I took him to the vet, and the vet said he was fine. I said, no, he does not feel good. A day or so later, he was wandering around staring into space and he died. So, I was really scared with Belty. I posted that prayer request, and I turned on a Christian station, as I said below, and God sent me just the right song to help me. I prayed and cried and prayed and cried and prayed and cried and hugged my boy. He seemed better towards night time. Thank you, Jen. X

  7. Jen

    I\’ll ask Him to surround you with his strength, courage and love.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Thank you. There is more going on than Belty, too. Penny, my cockatiel, and first bird, is a cancer survivor, plus she has been having mini strokes, or something. She had a cancerous tumor removed from her shoulder about four years ago. And, lately all of a sudden her wing will raise up and it will stay there for a while. It scares her (and me). She is an old bird, and every day is a bonus day with her. X

  9. Jen

    Did you ever visit the Recue Ink website? Bunch of hairy bikers who changed from being baddies to animal lovers. You don\’t hurt your animals and let these guys find out. They would encourage you that there are other people "out there" who care for all animals. If you don\’t know it, say so and I\’ll find you the link. Their weekly programme goes out on National Geographic.

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Yes, I\’ve heard of them. That\’s great that they do that. X

  11. X-Evolutionist

    This is the worst part of poor Belty being sick. We used to give him doggy goodies regularly: When we left the house, when we came home, at bed time, etc. Now, poor Belty can\’t have any doggy goodies except the yucky ones that are OK for his kidneys. Belty is sad, and it is heartbreaking. But, he seems healthier now that he is eating the food good for his kidneys. So, Belty is having a long life and feeling unloved. Does not seem fair, does it. Being a Pet Mom is difficult. X

  12. Jen

    Awww – what can I say?Hugs.

  13. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Awww X i so feel for you and Belty 😦 Hope that belty stays \’normal\’ has he is today, must be so frightening for you, it has never happened to me so cannot imagine just how frightening, although i look at Solitaire right now and i guess my turn will come at some point in the future.Cannot think of alternative way of rewarding Belty apart from lots of attention, petting ,which am sure you do all ready. Am sure Belty knows in his own doggy way you do all you do because you love him more than anyone else ever could. They just know dont they.Thoughts with you and belty

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